Natural Resources Technician

Hiring Organization: Pla
Employment type: Internship
Job Location: Arvada, CO
Application Deadline: April 1, 2015

GIS/Natural Resources Technician

($13-16/hour dep. on qualifications/experience)


Arvada, CO


Plan-It Geo provides professional geospatial consulting services and web/mobile software solutions for urban forestry and green infrastructure planning, natural resource analysis, forest management, and related areas. We are seeking a full-time, entry-level position, someone with diverse interests, and experience/education in natural resources, urban planning, and technology. Candidates should be motivated, versatile, work well in the private industry under deadlines and pressure, and be well-written with excellent communication skills.

Primary responsibilities of the position:

  •   Review, organize, and process GIS and environmental data from different sources, including mapping data accuracy, aerial interpretation, and data development/digitizing (QA/QC) for urban land use / land cover classification data.

  •   Data management including geoprocessing, conversion (raster/vector), projections and standard metadata protocols, with focus on natural resources data sets.

  •   Apply forestry / natural resource concepts in the contribution toward professional/technical reports (narratives, tables, graphics, and background research).

    Desired Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  •   Attention to detail in quality control when drafting client deliverables in MS Office products

  •   Ability to perform or quickly learn GIS raster/vector data conversion/editing, geoprocessing and modelling, quality cartographic production, data management, and reporting tasks.

  •   Natural resource / forest management principles and planning processes.

  •   Experience in GIS desktop software (ESRI or Open Source; from coursework or other)

  •   Conceptual understanding of remotely-sensed data types (including satellite and aerial imagery, and LiDAR data) and their uses and software platforms.

  •   Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing and establish/maintain effective working relationships with staff, clients, and other industry professionals.

    Beneficial Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  •   BS/BA degree in geography, computer or environmental science, forestry, or planning.

  •   Interest in forestry, urban ecology, ecosystems, water/natural resources, or land use planning.

  •   Experience with ArcGIS geoprocessing, ModelBuilder, i-Tree, QGIS, image processing software or other open source tools for processing and analyzing remotely-sensed data

  •   Knowledge of cartographic and other visual design technologies.

  •   Problem-solving skills with good attention to detail and the ability to think through and execute spatial analyses from beginning to end.

  •   Tree identification, ISA Certified Arborist, or related field work expertise; willingness to travel.

  •   Programming in Python, R, JavaScript or testing and designing web/mobile applications

  •   Technical writing, web/viral marketing, social media, and related support tasks


Candidates with strengths in planning or natural resources, not just GIS, are encouraged to apply. If interested and qualified, please email 1-page resume and cover letter to:

Plan-It Geo, LLC
5690 Webster Street, Arvada, CO 80002 (303) 503-4846 –