Orchard Scout

Hiring Organization: Wilbur Ellis
Employment type: Internship, Full-Time, Seasonal
Job Location: Various Locations, MI
Application Deadline: April 30, 2017

A Wilbur Ellis Orchard Scout provides valuable information used for timely decision making by the grower and salesperson.  The ideal candidate is dependable, self-reliant, and pays attention to detail while in the orchard.  This position can be a stepping stone into more permanent employment at Wilbur Ellis.  Responsibilities include:

-       Performing weekly inspections of all orchards on grower list

-       Providing salesperson and grower with a report (electronic or written)

-       Using Ipad for reports and trap counts, written reports for some growers

-       Staying up to date on insects and diseases by attending weekly meeting

-       Having own reliable transportation (mileage compensated)

-       Collecting tissue/leaf/fruit/soil samples as directed

-       Wearing appropriate attire and representing Wilbur Ellis professionally

-       Being consistent from week to week with a routine schedule

-       Catering to individual grower needs by asking questions and listening


Hours are flexible as long as they are consistent.  Vacation days are up to the salesperson and better taken in July or August when the season is a little slower. 

What does winning look like at this position

Earning both salesperson’s and growers’ trust quickly by providing consistent, detailed reports of insect and disease activity in the orchard.  Being able to communicate clearly when questioned on a report.  Putting a smile on the face of our valued grower customers by providing exceptional service.

OUR MISSION:  “To provide THE most advanced crop production technology with the goal of maximizing our customers’ return on investment.”    www.wilburellis.com

If interested in applying please contact:

Emily Elshoff, Traverse City Branch

Phone: (231) 944-5677

Email: eelshoff@wilburellis.com


Gerrit Herrygers, Hart Branch

Phone: (231) 742-1265

Email: gherrygers@wilburellis.com


Dan Zemaitis, Sparta Branch

Phone: (616) 302-1898

Email: dzemaitis@wilburellis.com