Plant Production Internship

Hiring Organization: Andy Mast Greenhouses
Employment type: Internship
Job Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Application Deadline: February 16, 2017

Andy Mast Greenhouses, a rapidly-expanding, family-owned greenhouse production and sales operation in West Michigan, is currently seeking college students who are interested in an internship focusing on plant production. Our current operation consists of three locations in the cities of Grand Rapids, Holland and Muskegon.  There are a total of 580,000 square feet of greenhouse space, as well as twenty acres of outdoor production split between the three locations.  We specialize in producing high quality potted plants for several of the region’s largest grocery stores. Items grown include: Easter lilies, Poinsettias, Dutch bulbs, Garden and Potted Mums, and a variety of Annuals in packs, flats, pots and baskets. 

Qualified interns will spend time at each location working under the supervision of the Lead Grower while working closely with other members of the grower staff and production team.  The ideal length of internship is 12 weeks spending about 4 weeks at each location.  However this can be modified to meet specific internship requirements.  We are looking for team oriented individuals that can thrive in a fast paced environment.  This internship will provide the kind of hands on experience that a future graduate will need to succeed in the greenhouse industry.  The following is a brief list of some of the areas of focus within our internship program:

  • Moisture Management
    • Flood floors / benches
    • Boom irrigation
    • Drip irrigation
    • Hand watering
  • Graphical Tracking
    • Plant Growth Regulator Applications
  • Propagation – URC’s
    • Poinsettias
    • Garden and Potted Mums
    • Spring Annuals
  • Integrated Pest Management
    • Insect ID / Scouting
    • Pesticide / Bio Control  Applications
  • Plant Culture and Nutrition
  • pH & EC Monitoring
  • Environmental Control Systems – Priva
  • Sales / Marketing
  • Production

Andy Mast Greenhouses will also offer professional development opportunities through regular grower meetings and visits to other greenhouse facilities in the West Michigan area.  Please email your resume and references to Matt Girman,, by the following deadline:  February 15th.   The internship selection process will begin after the deadline has passed and intern selection will begin March 1st.

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