Postdoc in soil microbial ecology and sustainability, Evans Lab; Michigan State's Kellogg Biological Station

Employment type: Full-Time
Application Deadline: March 15, 2021

Description: The postdoc is at the intersection of soil health, microbial ecology, socio-ecological systems, and agricultural management. The postdoc would work on an NSF-funded Dynamics of Integrated Socio-Environmental Systems (CNH2) grant that investigates the evolutionary and agricultural impact of irrigation on microbial communities, biological drivers of healthy soils, and farmer decision-making under changing climates. The successful candidate will join the Evans Lab at Michigan State University’s Kellogg Biological Station and study the impacts of irrigation and other management techniques on microbial communities across the Midwest region. The candidate will also interact closely with others on the project, and thus should have an interest in other disciplines (e.g. sociology, agronomy, resource management) relevant to agricultural sustainability and soil health. This is an excellent opportunity for a postdoc wanting to gain experience in interdisciplinary collaborations and link their work to a broader problem, but still address fundamental questions in microbial ecology.  Skillsets relevant to the position are the following: DNA and RNA extraction, amplicon sequencing, bioinformatic skills, soil sampling, and soil biological and chemical assays. Interest (but not necessarily experience in) interdisciplinary work, agriculture, water management, and sustainability strongly desired. Start date range is June 2021-November 2021; Application review begins Jan 13, 2021, but contact Sarah Evans if interested in applying later. See for full ad. Apply online at by searching posting number 685620