Research Scientist-Horticulture

Employment type: Full-Time
Application Deadline: February 1, 2015

Research Scientist-Horticulture

Position Overview:

Develops innovative programs and consumer offerings to support company strategic plans and business model. Develops new ideas, products and/or equipment. Acquires and provides knowledge from a broad base of scientific fields to facilitate product and service innovation. Conducts hands-on product evaluations in the field and works with manufacturers and suppliers.


1. Develops, plans, and executes research programs and projects to identify and develop new ideas and/or innovative products. Recommends new business ventures based on new technologies and company business model. Contributes to the implementation of on-site program assessment to improve branch technical performance.

2. Networks with academic organizations and suppliers to acquire and translate knowledge of research programs and developments into business plans. Actively participates in associations to maintain awareness of current and emerging developments within the field. Engages in strategic partnerships with select universities and/or suppliers to explore new program/service offerings to enhance revenue growth.

3. Works with regional technical staff to develop and/or improve agronomic and horticultural programs. Guides and direct staff through thought-processes in developing, monitoring, and changing chemical programs. Provides technical assistance and expertise to solve critical business problems (e.g., fitting agronomic and horticultural principles to the business environment, determining the best course of action in emergency situations, and/or determining the most appropriate training programs to meet goals).

4. Provides timely and accurate technical input for decision making by other corporate departments (e.g., Marketing for the commercial development of new products and services, Sourcing on new products).
5. Travels frequently within the field to conduct product evaluations, provide technical support guidance, and/or for business meetings with internal and/or external stakeholders.

Education and Experience Requirements
  • Master’s degree in horticultural science or related plant and soil sciences field required; PhD preferred
  • 2-3 years of biological research experience required, or an equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Practical knowledge and experience of the lawn and landscape industry required
  • Experience applying biological research to commercial horticulture products or technologies strongly preferred
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  •  Highly specialized and advanced knowledge of plant sciences and fertilizer and pesticide chemistry
  • Broad technical knowledge in the biological sciences, chemistry and mechanical engineering • Knowledge of consumer lawn and garden products and practices
  •  Scientific research planning and analysis skills for applying new agronomic/horticultural principles to the business environment
Contact Information

Courtney Kimmel | Corporate Recruiter

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