Resident Farmer

Hiring Organization: Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital
Employment type: Full-Time
Job Location: West Bloomfield, MI
Application Deadline: September 1, 2020


The Coordinator Greenhouse is responsible for the raising and caring of all plants in the Greenhouse and outdoor beds. These responsibilities include soil management, disease prevention and treatment, insect/pest control using organic/natural methods and seek improvements in the technological applications and cost savings options. Develops curriculum for the educational programs carried out in the Demonstration Kitchen and Greenhouse to increase individual, group and community awareness regarding nutrition, sustainable farming and healthy life standards. Proactively and positively interacts with the local community to increase outside catering sales and participation in Demonstration Kitchen and Greenhouse events.


 Identify and develop creative and customized curriculum for all Demonstration Kitchen and Greenhouse educational programs that address healthy eating, chronic and/or disease specific conditions. Programs are also designed to appeal to specific audiences, e.g. children, families, women, seniors etc. and specific community groups. Programs may be designed based on customer feedback and suggestions.
 Responsible for maximizing the opportunities for consulting services to third parties, in regards to specific know-how and technologies related to hydroponics, aquaponics, organic /sustainable farming
 Responsible for revenue tracking and budget reconciliation to assure all expenditures are within approved budget for the greenhouse.
 Develop and manage HFWB Main Street market venues according to the specific requests.
 Oversee the preparation of greenhouse soil, arrangement of beds and the transplanting of flowers and other plants.
 Assist the Supervisor-Greenhouse, Catering, DK and Wellness Services to fulfill departmental needs and duties, which includes the Demonstration Test Kitchen cooking classes, as needed.
 Work with volunteers on preparation, transplanting, arranging and care of plants
 Assist students and the public with solution of horticulture problems
 Responsible for seeding, slipping, rooting, potting and boxing plants, transferring plants to beds, preparing soil for beds, re-potting plants
 Regulate temperature, ventilation and humidity of greenhouse
 Check moisture of potted plants, water and fertilizer plants
 Will be able to design complex and colorful beds and displays
 Operate, cares for and maintains greenhouse equipment and garden tools
 Inventories tools, equipment, supplies and plants, will make purchases as necessary
 Assist with service of food and beverage, when needed.


 Two years of college level courses in Horticulture is required. College Degree in Horticulture, Botany or Agriculture is preferred.
 Two years of experience working in greenhouse or related work is required.
 Four years of experience working in greenhouse or related work is preferred.
 Knowledge and experience of horticulture and the methods of raising and caring for flowers and other plants in greenhouse and outdoor bed setting.
 Must be able to effectively identify plants and understand how to care for each species of plant. Up to date in the latest in soil management.
 Proficient knowledge of diseases and insects which attack common varieties of plants and organic/natural methods of control.
 Skilled use of garden tools, materials, and equipment.
 Success in planting, caring for and propagation of all types of plants and flowers for research and instructional purposes.

To Apply:

Please send resume and cover letter to Trevor Johnson by September 1st

For more information please click here