Student Position - Greenhouse

Hiring Organization: Plant Biology Conservatory and Teaching Collection
Employment type: Part-Time
Job Location: East Lansing - MSU Campus
Application Deadline: August 31, 2018

  •  Job Description:

Position opening July 30th. Hours are Monday and Wednesday 8 – 12 and rotating weekends Saturday and Sunday 8 – 12. Can be somewhat flexible. Schedule will continue through Fall Semester and will be reviewed thereafter.

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Daily
    • Check watering carefully and thoroughly (39A, Conservatory, and Hort Farm).  This is responsibility #1.  If you are here and will not be watering, establish who WILL be.
    • Pull weeds from pots
    • Groom plants (remove dead leaves; plants should always look ‘show-ready’)
    • Scout for pests/observe condition of plant
    • Get to know plants individually and be cautious not to overwater
      • Learn about dormancy and plants’ varying needs
    • Conservatory – make sure it is swept and all water features are topped off.
      • Check all hanging and potted materials carefully. 
      • Remove fallen debris from mulched areas and sweep
    • Trash – all trashes must be emptied at least once a day
    • Clean up after yourself, and finish what you start.
  • Weekly and continuous tasks
    • Shop-vac all benches and floors – all cement floors should be done weekly.  Don’t forget cracks, corners, and behind retaining walls.
    • After floors have been vacuumed, hose them down with well water (in Conservatory, follow with RO rinse for plants near walkway).
    • Tidy work areas
    • Teaching Greenhouse – check that it is clean and keep the pots moving through the sanitation bin.
    • Pull any weeds on floor in all greenhouses
    • Check clone machine for water levels and cuttings that are ready for the trash or a pot.
    • Cut suckers and water sprouts in Conservatory

Additionally, there is the opportunity to study for and obtain a commercial pesticide applicator's certification once a trial period has been successfully completed. Materials and time to study will be provided and exam fees covered.

 To Apply:

Interested persons should email Lisa Murphy at with a resume and brief letter explaining why they would be a good candidate for this position. For more information regarding this position, please click here.