Student Work Study - Soybean Breeding and Research - Wang Lab

Hiring Organization: MSU - Soybean Breeding and Research - Wang Lab
Employment type: Part-Time
Job Location: East Lansing, MI
Application Due Date: December 31, 2025

The MSU soybean research project focuses on developing and testing soybean genetics.  The commercial soybean yield trials are grown at seven locations throughout the state and gives farmers and retailers yield and other data about commercial soybean varieties.  Dr. Dechun Wang’s soybean breeding program develops new varieties for specialty markets in Michigan.

The fall work may include collecting data, harvesting soybean research plots, taking grain samples, processing samples, and handling harvested seed.  Most work is at the Agronomy Farm on south campus farms and involves some outdoor work, possibly running a small research harvester, as well as indoor work.  There may be some travel to offsite locations.  Hours are flexible to work around class and study time.

Interested students should contact Randy Laurenz at to apply or find out more about these positions.  Apply now!