Summer and Senior Internship Programs

Hiring Organization: Denison Landscaping, Inc.
Employment type: Internship
Job Location: Ft. Washington, MD, Delmar, DE, Pittsburgh, PA
Application Deadline: December 31, 2020


The “Summer Internship” program at Denison Landscaping has been designed to meet both educational requirements of the students as well as giving them a hands-on leap into the workforce.  Our Internship program is hand tailored to meet the individual’s school and personal needs while putting them in the best situation to assist the company while they are here.  The program can be designed to any length of time and can cover as many areas as the student wants to be involved in.

We offer Summer intern programs to accommodate students while on summer break.

The student will be matched with the department that meets their area of interest and study.  In doing so it enables the student to see and feel what this industry is like through their daily, weekly, and monthly time within each department.  Students will be presented with all day-to-day trials, tribulations and tasks that Field Managers face daily while being involved in the decision-making process.

Applicant must have experience and educational direction in Horticulture, Landscaping or the Green Industry.

Shared intern housing availability may be possible.


Denison Landscaping, Inc. offers “Senior Internships” to graduates.  You are hired under a paid internship for a period of 8 months.  During this time, you will be matched with a department that coincides with your course of study and career path.  You will be exposed to every facet of the day-to-day operation during this period so during this 8-month period you gain an understanding and knowledge within your field of interest.

Prior to the end of your 8 months if we have met all your expectations and you have met ours’s a permanent job offer will be provided.

Shared intern housing availability may be possible during the 8-month internship.

If you are interested in an Internship opportunity with Denison Landscaping, Inc. please forward your resume to Linda Hockett, Human Resource Manager at

If you have a specific location you are most interested in working that would include our Delmar, Delaware, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania or Fort Washington, Maryland locations please provide that information with your resume.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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