Summer Research Technician- Field work for agricultural landscape experiment

Hiring Organization: MSU Dept of Entomology - Landis Lab
Employment type: Full-Time
Job Location: East Lansing, MI
Application Deadline: May 15, 2021

We are hiring up to 4 research assistants to help with a study of biodiversity in agricultural landscapes.

  • • Assistants will work as a team to set up sampling equipment and learn to collect and/or identify organisms from a wide variety of groups potentially including (but not limited to!) bees, plants, beetles, ants, and birds in grasslands and crops.
  • Time will be split between data collection outdoors (largely at Kellogg Biological Station in Hickory Corners, MI; transportation to off-campus sites provided) and setup/sample processing on Main Campus in East
  • We are sampling a wide range of organisms so please let us know if you have expertise or experience with a particular group! Identification skills are desirable but not a requirement.

Wages are based on experience but start at $12/hr. Flexible start date in mid May. Full time (40 h/w) through August with potential to continue part-time during the school year. Students with coursework, experience or career plans in ecology, entomology, agroecology, zoology, wildlife, or plant sciences are especially encouraged to apply. We also accept applications from outside MSU.


We will be following MSU rules and guidelines for covid-19 safety. This work can be completed in accordance with social distancing requirements and we do not anticipate major disruptions, but initial offers may be subject to change if stricter regulations are put in place that prevent us from completing this project.


Please email resume, contact information for two references, and a brief (~300 word) cover letter describing your interest in the position to Nate Haan ( Please feel free to email with questions!

For more information about our lab: