Sustainable Landscape Lawn Conversion Internship

Hiring Organization: Pacific Landscape
Employment type: Internship
Job Location: Portland, OR
Application Deadline: December 23, 2019

Sustainable Landscape Lawn Conversion Internship



Water costs are skyrocketing in the Portland metropolitan area, making water conservation an important piece of managing a commercial property.  Lawn is the biggest user of irrigation in commercial landscapes.  Along with that, many lawns are poorly configured for efficient irrigation and maintenance and/or become difficult to irrigate over time as the landscape changes.  Due to this, some portions of the landscape where lawn is may be better served with different groundcover.  This could include ecological lawn, groundcover, and possibly rock or synthetic turf.

 Candidate background expectations:

  • Career focus in landscape management
  • Interest in background with sustainable landscape management and lawn conversion
  • Coursework associated with turfgrass and/or landscape horticulture
  • Willingness to engage in additional online lawn conversion coursework
  • Personal transportation to occasionally mobilize to job sites (mileage will be compensated)
  • Personal smart phone to be used for photo taking and on-line software tools
  • Ability to work outside in wet, cold, hot or dry conditions

Internship Outline:

Internship will include our traditional production work and will assist in developing converting and monitoring lawn conversions

  • Lawn Conversion internship portion:
    • Assist in planning and installation of various lawn conversion processes:
      • Ecological Lawn
      • Groundcover
      • Non-Irrigated lawn
      • Rock groundcover
      • Synthetic turf
    • Monitor and help develop maintenance and water savings
    • Finalize report for presentation to client
    • Review and update bidding templates (costs) for each lawn conversion type.
    • Document best practices of design, installation, and maintenance of various lawn alternatives.


  • Traditional internship portion:
    • The production intern will focus on all aspects of maintenance production. This includes learning to become a productive member of a professional maintenance crew by developing skills in equipment operation, understanding the job tasks, proactively contributing to the daily goals, and building a rapport with the team.  Depending on experience and progression, intern may have the opportunity to temporarily act as Crew Leader in the final weeks of the internship experience.  Intern will also have an opportunity to meet with a customer, develop a proposal under the guidance of their supervisor, present the proposal, and possibly be involved in the performance of the work.  Intern will also spend some time with managers and other members of the team in various roles to get an overview of the business. 


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