Tree Fruit Specialist

Hiring Organization: Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Employment type: Full-Time
Job Location: Simcoe, Ontario
Application Deadline: October 2, 2020


The Ministry
The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs helps to build a stronger agri-food sector by investing in the development and transfer of innovative technologies, retaining and attracting investment, developing markets, providing regulatory oversight, and providing effective risk management tools. The ministry also helps enable rural Ontario to build strong, vital communities with diversified economies and healthy social and environmental climates.

The Division
The Economic Development Division is responsible for programs and services to support information technology transfer. Staff work with farmers, agri-businesses, municipalities, and other partners in the agriculture and rural sectors to identify needs and opportunities, adopt new technologies and make sound business decisions. It is responsible for expanding Ontario food and agricultural sales in export and domestic markets, and providing support to the processing industry through investment attraction, investment retention and sector development.

The Branch
Agriculture Development Branch is responsible for dealing with issues relating to agricultural production (crops and livestock), business management and marketing, and coordinates the delivery of technology programs across Ontario. The branch promotes high quality agricultural production through the application of best management practices, on-farm quality assurance programs and plant and animal health strategies. The branch also provides business management resources that assist clients with farm business development.

Why work for the Ontario Public Service?
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We offer:
• A defined benefit pension plan
• Maternity and parental leave top-up benefits which includes adoptive parents
• Comprehensive Health Plan
• Life and Disability insurance
• Flexible work arrangements
• Collegial and professional work culture
• Career growth and development opportunities across multiple business areas
• On-the-job training to support your success in the role

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What can I expect to do in this role?

In this role, you will:
• Act as the lead provincial specialist related to pome fruit production
• Lead Ontario's technology transfer activities through the development, coordination and implementation of strategies, policies programs, educational and awareness-building training and tools to facilitate change
• Build partnerships and consult with client organizations and agencies to identify concerns, issues, trends and new developments which may relate to and impact on provincial programs, policies and information services
• Coordinate and implement research and projects designed to assess the applicability of new and existing practices, products, technologies and programs to Ontario's pome fruit sector• Provide expertise to senior management related to the pome fruit sector across Ontario
• Act as a liaison between the research community and industry
• Working in cooperation with other ministry staff, understand and manage contentious and high priority issues
• Represent provincial and ministry interests on multidisciplinary working groups to develop provincial, national or international initiatives related to pome fruit production

How do I qualify?


• You have a valid Ontario class "G" driver's licence to travel in rural areas not serviced by public transportation

Technical Expertise

You have:
• Knowledge and understanding of scientific theories, principles and practices of production, economics, business management and marketing related to the pome fruit sector
• Knowledge of the agricultural industry, and the roles and mandates of farm and commodity organizations in the rural community
• Knowledge of acts and regulations that impact pome fruit production sector organizations, producers and agri-businesses
• Knowledge of current issues, research accomplishments, environmental impacts, production practices, marketing trends and theories as well as programs and services provided worldwide
In order to:
• Identify the suitability, relevance and impact of new techniques, programs and policies on the pome fruit sector,
• Develop expert leading-edge information and educational materials related to pome fruit production
• In partnership with other staff and ministries, provide guidance on compliance of industry practices and techniques with legislation and regulations
• Ensure our client base has access to state-of-the-art information
• Provide expertise to senior management related to the pome fruit sector across Ontario

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

You can:
• Establish and enhance partnerships, coalitions and networks with producers and industry stakeholders at provincial, national and international levels, to facilitate program delivery, sharing of information, education and training
• Build consensus, encourage and motivate clients to facilitate change
• Present and discuss information, outline options and recommendations on how technologies, policies and programs can be applied; facilitate understanding and promote acceptance; and deliver training effectively
• Communicate concisely, professionally and effectively in writing through the compilation and preparation of technical reports, briefing notes, articles, publications and electronic media

Project Management and Coordination Skills

You can:
• Manage concurrent projects and activities to address agriculture and rural issues related to pome fruit production
• Plan and coordinate activities in consultation with clients and stakeholders
• Identify time and resource requirements, forecast and monitor project budgets, plan and coordinate own and other staff time in order to effectively and efficiently meet objectives

Research, Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills

You can:
• Use research methods and practices to investigate viability and applicability of new methods, techniques and technologies
• Analyze validity of research findings, prepare reports and provide recommendations on suitability and applicability for Ontario conditions
• Assess training needs of agriculture and rural clients to provide and deliver information, services and alternative innovative strategies and solutions
• Investigate issues, new trends and developments related to production, management and marketing of pome fruits, community economic development, and environmental sustainability

Training Experience

You have:
• Knowledge of adult education methods and techniques, consultation and group facilitation techniques as well as needs assessment techniques and program evaluation methods
• Demonstrated experience using adult education principles to develop and deliver educational and training materials for clients and colleagues

Computer Skills

• You have proficiency of computer applications for statistical analysis, data base management and electronic communications (including email, internet, social media, presentation tools, digital media e.g. video/audio creation/editing tools)

How to apply:

  1. You must apply online.
  2. Your cover letter and resume combined should not exceed five (5) pages. For tips and tools on how to write a concise cover letter and resume, review the Writing a Cover Letter and Resume: Tips, Tools and Resources.
  3. Customize your cover letter and resume to the qualifications listed on the job ad. Using concrete examples, you must show how you demonstrated the requirements for this job. We rely on the information you provide to us.
  4. Read the job description to make sure you understand this job.
  5. OPS employees are required to quote their WIN EMPLOYEE ID number when applying.
  6. If you require a disability related accommodation in order to participate in the recruitment process, please Contact Us to provide your contact information. Recruitment Services staff will contact you within 48 hours.