Undergraduate Research Aide

Hiring Organization: MSU Department of Plant Biology
Employment type: Part-Time
Job Location: East Lansing, MI
Application Deadline: December 20, 2018

Looking for Undergraduate Students to Study Environmental Stress Tolerance in Beans

Job Description and Responsibilities:

The Lowry Lab (https://davidbryantlowry.wordpress.com/) is looking for motivated students to assist us with research on the genetics basis of plant tolerance to environmental stress. We are currently conducting experiments to understand the mechanisms underlying the tolerance of dry bean to several abiotic and biotic stresses that impact the production of this important crop. Initially, students will work to assist with ongoing projects. Once established in the lab (usually one year), students will have the opportunity to conduct independent research.


Interested students should send a resume and cover letter to Dr. David Lowry (dlowry@msu.edu) by December 20th, 2018. For more information, please click here.

The main responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

1)     Assistance in greenhouse and growth chamber experiments, including filling pots, planting, irrigating, harvesting, and cleaning.

2)     Collecting data and taking measurements on plants.

3)     Helping in routine lab work, including DNA/RNA extractions, PCR, and tissue culture maintenance.

Desired background and skills:

  • Prior knowledge and experience working with plants on a farm or in the greenhouse.
  • General interest in the field of agriculture.
  • Understanding of basic genetic concepts.


  • Showing up on time and completing jobs on time.
  • Cleaning up after oneself.
  • Using critical thinking to approach problems and derive solutions.