Vacant Land Technician

Employment type: Full-Time
Application Deadline: February 2, 2015

POSITION: Vacant Land Technician DEPARTMENT: Green Infrastructure
FLSA: Full time, Hourly
REPORTS TO: Vacant Land Manager
The Vacant Land Technician implements the visions communicated by the Vacant Land Manager and/or Director of Green Infrastructure. The Vacant Land Technician is a liaison for maintenance, installation, evaluation and supervision of vacant land treatment projects in the City of Detroit. He or she will be expected to lead small crews efficiently to meet project guidelines and meet funding deadlines.
Aid in the installation and supervision of vacant land treatment projects:
1. Collaborate on treatment project design in accordance with Greening of Detroit Best Management Practices, and established environmental treatment principles
2. Manage project designs and implementation plans to meet funding requirements
3. Communicate project goals and objectives to vacant land team, volunteers and community members
4. Help coordinate the installation and completion of Green Infrastructure projects
5. Supervise the vacant land team, volunteers and workforce employees during project installation
6. Perform quality control/planting leader responsibilities during project installation

Coordinate the maintenance and care of vacant land projects:

1. Work with the Green Infrastructure Maintenance Technician to evaluate maintenance needs and the appropriate staffing necessary to meet maintenance concerns

2. Coordinate the delegation and implementation of various equipment based environmental projects, maintenance plans and schedules
Arrange for the continued evaluation of Green Infrastructure projects:
1. Perform inventories of plant mortality, growth, and performance as needed to complete project goals and research needs
2. Aid research partners in the collection and evaluation of environmental data as needed and communicated by the Vacant Land Manager and/or Senior Community Forester
3. Work alongside the Vacant Land Manager to create reports or presentations on project evaluation and success
Train and supervise volunteers or workforce employees as related to required project maintenance
Coordinate resource allocation with other departments to support planting/maintenance operations
Encourage the efficient and effective sharing of resources between departments
Assist in all other tasks involved with the promotion, operation and support of the Greening of Detroit as directed by the Director of Green Infrastructure and/or President of The Greening of Detroit