Vineyard Manager

Hiring Organization: DeBarge Vineyard & Winery
Employment type: Full-Time
Job Location: Pigeon Mountain, GA
Application Deadline: December 10, 2018

Job Description:

DeBarge Vineyard & Winery is a small family-owned, quality-orientated vineyard located on beautiful Pigeon Mountain in Northwest Georgia. The 5 acre vineyard is mature, but undergoing replanting with a fifth block of vines planted this year. We grow vinifera, hybrids, and Norton Cynthiana. Our estate wines have garnered gold and silver medals in several classes, as well as best-of-show red blends at the Wines of the South competition. The on-site winery has been restructuring and the tasting room will be open to the public in Spring 2019.

Applicant must have hands on experience with:

  • Vineyard safety and compliance
  • Operation, maintenance and basic repair of tractors and other farm equipment
  • Mowing and cultivation of vineyards
  • Safe and effective application of pesticides
  • Maintaining accurate spreadsheet records of vineyard operations. Must be proficient at data manipulation to make projections, i.e., harvest projections.
  • Harvesting oversight
  • Ordering supplies and parts for vineyard operations
  • Planting/replanting/ pruning grape vines
  • Maintenance of vine trellising

Applicant is required to have:

  • Minimum 1 year’s experience in the above tasks or a viticulture/horticulture degree
  • Good written and oral communication skills in English, some in Spanish
  • A valid Driver's license and good driving record
  • Ability to perform physically demanding tasks outdoors in various weather conditions
  • Ability to work flexible schedules including weekends, holidays and seasonal night duties during harvest.

Directly responsible for day-to-day management of the vineyard operation, through direct personal work and the supervision of others, including timely and cost-effective completion of typical vineyard tasks per the schedule agreed with the farm owner, frost protection measures, crop estimation, maintenance and repair of equipment, vineyard construction and development.


  • Operations - This position is expected to implement an effective fungicide spray program, implement canopy management measures in timely manner, maintain herbicide spray equipment, monitor vine and soil nutrition and make inputs as needed, appropriately manage vineyard floor vegetation, and pruning of vines.
  • Keep estate roads in good condition and the approaches to the tasting room presentable in support of garnering strong tasting room sales. Maintain the road access system on the estate. Communicate openly and honestly with ownership and staff. Protect and maintain confidential/ proprietary information. Follow all appropriate laws, policies and ensure that applicable workplace safety protocols are in place. Perform other duties as assigned. Attendance and punctuality are essential functions of this position.


  • Navigation of uneven outdoor terrain such as steep inclines. Exposure to diverse types of weather. Expect a fluctuating schedule and irregular hours during peak times or bad weather. Ability to manipulate and operate farming equipment (tractors, Gators, sprayers, mowers), vehicle controls, and computer. Must be able to work for long periods of time. Motions required for in and out of vehicles including tractors and other farm equipment. Must be able to lift and/or move up to 50 pounds. Pushing/pulling average weight frequently 150 lbs.


  • Primarily outdoor environment with some indoor office/administrative work. Exposed to weather and temperature extremes, dust, dirt, insects and wildlife. Exposed to farm equipment noise and vibration. Must adhere to all policies and procedures of the company, including safety procedures.


  • Minimum one years' experience in vineyard management and/or a degree in horticulture or viticulture.


  • Please contact Raymond DeBarge, Owner. Ph. 423-355-1616. For information regarding this posting, please click here.