Weed Science - Sprague Lab

Hiring Organization: Weed Science - Sprague Lab
Employment type: Full-Time
Job Location: East Lansing, MI
Application Due Date: December 30, 2025

The Sprague weed science program focuses on current and emerging problematic weeds in Michigan cropping systems, specifically soybeans, dry beans, sugarbeets, and wheat. Current research is focused management of problematic weeds with emphasis on herbicide-resistant weeds. We are looking for undergraduate student(s) to work on field, greenhouse and lab weed science projects. Job duties include assisting with harvesting trials at the MSU agronomy farm, post-harvest plant sample processing, greenhouse plant management, and working with graduate students to collect data in the greenhouse and lab. Work schedules are flexible. For more information, please contact Brian Stiles (stilesbr@msu.edu) (989)666-6882, attach resume, and we can schedule an interview.  Apply now!