Wildlife Coordinator/GIS Specialist

Hiring Organization: Wildlife & Wetlands Solutions
Employment type: Full-Time
Job Location: South Boardman, MI
Application Deadline: January 25, 2019

Wildlife Coordinator/GIS Specialist

Wildlife & Wetlands Solutions is seeking a qualified candidate to fill a full time salaried position.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Management, Biology, Ecology, Environmental Sciences, GIS or another related field is preferred
  • Experience in any of the above fields is a definite advantage
  • Demonstrate or provide references proving the ability to perform the tasks listed below

Valuable Characteristics/Traits:

We are looking for someone who will bring positive energy and enthusiasm into the workplace on a daily basis. The person chosen for this position will show a great deal of motivation to succeed and help move the company forward. Specific characteristics may include being outspoken, intelligent, confident, the ability to speak fluently, intelligently, and confidently, the ability to give and take direction, see the glass half full rather than half empty, go the extra mile to make sure things turn out well, and maintain a positive attitude.

This position will be responsible for the following tasks and/or requirements:

  1. GIS
    1. GPS management including uploading and downloading tracks/points/polygons
    2. Area calculations
    3. Map creation
    4. Map diagnosis, editing and manipulation
    5. Technical field assistance
  2. Bid Submission/Management - will work closely with Owner on most of this process
    1. Daily check of bidders lists for new bidding opportunities
    2. Management of bid due dates
    3. Annual registration of business with SAM (Federal Bid System), SIGMA (State Bid System) and any other bidders lists on which we are included
    4. Thorough completion and submission of bids based on each client’s requirements (will need help of others’ input for cost estimates etc.)
    5. Dispersal of work statements, POs, maps and other pertinent information of successful bids to the appropriate staff members
    6. Responsible for making sure we meet all insurance and reporting requirements for each bid/job
  3. Job Solicitation – Finding Work
    1. Responsible for actively seeking new jobs, new bids, and/or new avenues for profitable work opportunities
    2. Research and groundwork for acquiring new bidding opportunities
      1. May include phone calls, emails, letters, and submission of applications
    3. Grant writing – creating new opportunities for work through grant submissions
    4. This is a performance based, salaried position. Meaning there is a base salary with benchmark incentives for amount of work secured/completed in a given year. Finding new opportunities for growth in the company is one of the main responsibilities of this position.
    5. Pre-determined bonuses will be given if certain financial benchmarks are accomplished. Job solicitation is imperative for advancement in this position.
  4. Permit application/management
    1. Responsible for knowing what permits are required for each job, when they need to be applied for, and making sure we have the correct permits in time for each respective job
    2. Preparing permit applications
      1. DEQ ANC Permit for invasive species control
      2. Joint Permit Applications for Great Lakes mowing of invasive species
      3. DEQ Land and Water Division permits for inland shoreline restoration
      4. WI chemical application permits and mechanical mowing permits
  5. Reporting
    1. DEQ, State of MI, State of WI, and/or any other required reporting for specific jobs
    2. Keeping a schedule of, and making sure the reporting gets completed on or before reporting due dates
  6. Coordination
    1. Communicating between our constituents as necessary, as well as, the crew and the rest of the staff as needed (This may mean an email, text, or phone call is required. Sometimes all three of them may be required - whatever it takes to effectively communicate in order to get the job done as efficiently as possible and maintain positive relationships with all of our constituents.)
    2. Making sure everyone is in the loop on what they need to know for each job
    3. Making sure the field staff has the required info/maps/coordinates/gps’s for each upcoming job (This means looking ahead and getting things as prepared as possible before the onset of each job.)
    4. Communication is a huge part of success and will be an ever evolving part of this business.
  7. Human Resources
    1. Likely to be involved in the process of hiring new employees
    2. New hire paperwork and reporting

There will be a fair amount of convergence between the responsibilities of the Wildlife Coordinator/GIS Specialist and other administrative staff (Office Manager, Field Supervisor, Owner). Many of the above tasks will also be ever evolving to fit the needs of the business and other staff strengths/weaknesses.

Career development and job training opportunities will be available as needed or if the employee expresses special interest.

Our office and shop is located at 5211 US 131, South Boardman, MI, just south of the corner of Supply Rd and US 131.

Please provide a resume and a minimum of 3 professional references, and 2 character references (non-family members).

To Apply:

Resumes will be accepted until 5:00 pm on Friday, January 25, 2019 via email to Melissa@AlviaITServices.com. Interviews will be scheduled beginning as early as February 1, 2019. The position may start as early as February 11, 2019 based on availability. For more information, please click here.

Compensation & Benefits

This is a PERFORMANCE based position with a base salary and three benchmark bonus opportunities. A major focus of this position is to secure new job/work opportunities in order to help WWS grow as a business.

Base Salary: $30,000 - $35,000 depending on education/experience/ability

Eligible Bonuses: Three financial benchmarks are established for the Company. All three of these benchmarks are completely attainable through hard work, persistence, and organization and should provide some natural incentive to help the company grow. These benchmarks will be disclosed and explained in more detail during the second follow up interview.

First Benchmark: $5,000 bonus

Second Benchmark: $10,000 bonus

Third Benchmark: $15,000 bonus

Healthcare Contribution: $100 per month contribution to a group healthcare plan

Retirement Contribution: 5% match on a contribution to a 401K plan

Paid Vacation: 1 week (40 hours) of paid vacation time with potential to accrue more with longevity in the company.