• ACR 891 Selected Topics in Food Ethics

    The course will be a high-level introduction to food ethics, covering a range of topics central to food production, distribution and consumption.

  • CSUS 300 Theoretical Foundations of Sustainability

    Foundations of sustainability theory. History and evolution of interdisciplinary thought about sustainability. Principles of systems thinking as applied to complex problems. Application of theory in community systems.

  • PHL 442 Ethics and Animals

    This course has been designed as an accelerated introduction to philosophical literature the nature and basis of human ethical responsibilities to non-human animals.

  • PHL 820 Seminar in Continental Philosophy

    The seminar will situate one of the most important recent books in environmental ethics, Bryan Norton’s Sustainability: A Theory of Adaptive Ecosystem Management within a larger philosophical tradition that includes idealist and pragmatist works in ethics and value theory.

  • PHL 890 Readings in Pragmatism

    Classical pragmatism is generally defined as Peirce, James and Dewey. Other figures that are sometimes included are Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., George Herbert Mead and Alfred North Whitehead.