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Are you a community or non-profit organization looking for additional programming for youth? Michigan State University Extension 4-H provides fun, hands-on, experiential learning opportunities on a wide range of topics. These programs can be provided through various delivery methods in after school programs, school classrooms, summer opportunities, or in other areas where you have youth development needs. Interested in learning more about how to partner with 4-H? Please contact Alexis Garbo, 4-H Program Coordinator (Kent County), at garboale@msu.edu or 616-632-7870 for more information!


Teachers: 4-H is for Your Students!

4-H has a variety of curriculum, lesson plans and equipment. Teachers and 4-H club leaders use it for FREE!

Many opportunities to share with your students, for more information contact:

Alexis Garbo – garboale@msu.edu or call (616) 632-7870

4-H Children's Activity at the West Michigan Home & Garden Show 
A field trip for grades 1 - 5 is an educational morning with experts. Youth will enjoy an engaging presentation performed by MSU Extension Master Gardener volunteers, followed by an educational scavenger hunt throughout the landscapes in place for the West Michigan Home & Garden Show.  The youth will spend an hour learning with volunteers, participating in a hands-on activity (planting seeds, seedlings or related activity), and decorating lunch bags for Kids Food Basket with what they have learned on their trip. Surveys conducted at the end of our last event indicated:

  • 97 percent of youth learned something new.
  • 95 percent of youth agreed that the science activities were fun, interesting and wanted to learn more.

   School Requirements: School district in Kent County (public or private), provide transportation and requested student data

The 4-H Children's Activity is a partnership between 4-H Youth Development and MSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteers.        

4-H Embryology
Bring a hands-on agricultural experience to your classroom! The 4-H Embryology Project approaches a variety of hot topics with kid-friendly and hands-on methods.  Teachers and school professionals have a broad spectrum of ways to implement egg hatching in classrooms or libraries in their schools to fit required curriculum.  The youth participants gain exposure to a segment of agriculture in a manner that forms a bond between the youth and another living thing.  Youth also practice life skills, such as responsibility while they care for the eggs during the incubation period and after hatching and planning/organizing, as they plan their incubator schedules for checking temperatures and monitoring moisture.  Teachers can leave incubating eggs in the classroom over a weekend's time.

Each kit includes an incubator, egg turner, brooding box, feeder, water dish, heat lamp and curriculum binder.  Five kits are available.

School Requirements: $25 refundable deposit, purchase of fertilized eggs (approximately $16 per dozen with a three-dozen minimum purchase from Townline Poultry), brooding supplies (shavings, chick feed), requested student data


4-H National Youth Science Experiment
For more than 100 years, 4-H has been at the forefront of teaching young people about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Our hands-on programs empower youth and provide them with opportunities to grown, learn, and become confident kids. 

The Kent County MSU Extension program has kits available to share. Each kit is designed for use with up to 10 youth ages 10 and up.

School Requirements:  School district in Kent County (public or private), some supplemental materials (tape, etc.) and requested student data

4-H Children’s Art Exchange and Teaching Kits

Program participants are invited to send “visual letters” to children their own ages in China. Teaching kits are available to facilitate teaching about China and about making art. Each teaching kit is unique and consists of nine or ten original pictures by Chinese children, a study guide and a description of the pictures that come with the kit. A selection of Michigan artwork is then sent to China as a gift to the children of China. An announcement about the art exchange usually is sent to the Kent County MSU Extension office in the fall. The deadline for submitting artwork is usually early May. The 4-H Children’s Art Exchange kits are available for year-round use.  

If interested in participating or for more information, please contact your Kent County 4-H Program Coordinator:

 Alexis Garbo – garboale@msu.edu or call (616) 632-7870

 (updated 2020)