• Dow Dam Removal Might be Part of Local Watershed Work

    Published on March 19, 2012

    Progress is being made in addressing issues within what's officially called the Saginaw Bay/Saginaw River Area of Concern (AOC), presenters told Saginaw Bay Watershed Conference attendees Friday.

  • Climate experts predict wetter, more turbulent weather

    Published on March 19, 2012

    A pair of Michigan State University climate experts won't flat-out blame humans for the climate changes they see happening. But Dr. Jeffrey A. Andersen and Dr. David P. Lusch say the changes are real.

  • Dangers of climate change to Saginaw Valley

    Published on March 16, 2012

    About 250 researchers, government officials, farmers and citizens gathered at Saginaw Valley State University today. They’re talking about changes to the rivers, lakes, farms and cities around Saginaw Bay.