Renewable Energy Policy Program


The Land Policy Institute created the Renewable Energy Policy Program to provide science-based renewable energy policy information, data, research, analysis and outreach to stakeholders. From 2007-2013, the program explored the role of renewable energy in enhancing a clean energy future for Michigan and on the role of innovative land uses in paving the way for new energy development. Through numerous initiatives, the program explored:

  • Effective renewable energy policies; 
  • The economic development potential of renewable energy; 
  • Land use connectivity of new energy forms; 
  • Renewable energy development constraints and strategies to address them; and
  • Development of decision support tools.



  • Wind Prospecting Tool available from 2008-2015.
  • What You Need to Know about Wind Energy Siting and Policy Issues training program from 2008-2009.
  • Wind Symposium: Manufacturing and Developing Wind Energy Systems in Michigan held Sep. 10-11, 2007.