• Integrated Asset Management Project

    The LPI, in partnership with the MSU Construction Management Program, conducted a pilot project to determine the feasibility of an integrated asset management system that simultaneously assesses land use conditions.

  • Land Policy Research Program

    The LPI Land Policy Research Program was created to generate timely, relevant and transformational research by bridging the gap between science and practice in land and place-based policy strategies that lead to prosperity.

  • Mid-Michigan Program for Greater Sustainability

    The Planning & Zoning Center provided facilitation support for two charrettes that occurred in the Michigan Avenue/Grand River Avenue Corridor project to create a unified vision and design elements to spur implementation.

  • MIPlace Partnership Initiative

    The LPI (with the PZC) provided assistance, in partnership with MSHDA, the MML, MSUE’s Greening Michigan Institute, and the MSU SPDC; and other champions of placemaking, to implement the MIplace Partnership Initiative from 2012-2015.

  • Planning & Zoning Center at MSU

    The Planning & Zoning Center at MSU is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals devoted to research, education and consultation on best practices for community planning and development control.

  • Rebuilding Prosperous Places Initiative

    The LPI completed two studies as part of the Rebuilding Prosperous Places Initiative. They were focused on placemaking strategies for prosperity in Michigan cites.

  • Seasonal Population Analysis of Northwest Michigan

    A report detailing the seasonal population fluctuations in the northwestern counties of Michigan's Lower Peninsula was released October 2014 by LPI. This report was prepared by LPI for Networks Northwest.