Rebuilding Prosperous Places Initiative

Placemaking Strategies for Prosperity in Michigan Cities


The goals of this project are to:

  1. Assess perceptions of general citizens and residents in Michigan, the Midwest and the nation regarding placemaking, and
  2. To determine whether placemaking elements (such as walkability, mixed use and green space) have an impact on neighborhood property prices.

It is the second phase of a study that began in 2010 to evaluate how the major stakeholders in placemaking efforts (namely developers, local governments and financial institutions) view this progressive method for community design and redevelopment, and to test the relationship of placemaking to economic development.

The first phase included a property price analysis of three Michigan cities: Lansing, Royal Oak and Traverse City, MI. The first phase was competed with a final report released in March 2012. The second phase added three Michigan cities (Grand Rapids, Flint and Kalamazoo), as well as five Midwest cities of comparable size and density (Davenport, IA; Rochester, MN;  Lakewood, OH; Madison, WI; ahd Manitowoc, WI). The second phase was completed in Fall 2013, with a final report released in June 2014.