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Thank you for your interest in the MSU Extension Master Gardener Program®!

The MSU Extension Consumer Horticulture Team is dedicating time in 2022 to the redesign of the MSU Extension Master Gardener® Basic Training. 


1.  MSU Extension Gardening Course – This will be a fee-based, online, 10-week course (open to everyone in the public – not just future volunteers). It will provide science-based garden curricula followed by an MSU Extension certificate of completion. Individuals who wish to stop after this one-time education opportunity and move onto other personal activities will have the option to do so. They will not become an MSU Extension Master Gardener® but can use that knowledge for personal interests.

2.  MSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Training - This second component will enable an individual who successfully completes the above 10-week Gardening Course to later apply and train to become an MSU Extension Master Gardener volunteer. This component involves an application, a screening process, an MSU Extension Master Gardener volunteer training module (held in local areas across the state as needed), and 40 hours of volunteer service. Upon completion of those items, the individual begins a lasting relationship with MSU Extension as a “certified” MSU Extension Master Gardener volunteer (annual hour requirements to remain certified).

We understand some of you are anxiously awaiting the opening of these courses and may have questions, too.  We appreciate your patience waiting for more details as we are currently working on the components of the new courses, and do not have all the details finalized at this time. We’ll provide more updates on this MSUE Webpage in the future.

In the interim, to stay connected to other garden-related opportunities with MSU Extension, sign up for one or more of our MSU Extension Newsletters (we recommend the “Gardening in Michigan” one to start) and/or check at our MSU Extension Gardening in Michigan Events webpage from time to time. 


If you would like to join an email list to receive more information about the training when it becomes available in 2023, please *Click Here.

*Please note that your name on our interest list is for future communications about the new program and does not guarantee a spot in upcoming courses in 2023.  We will notify you when courses are ready to launch in Spring and Fall of 2023. Registration will not open until 2023.


Benefits of Becoming an Extension Master Gardener (EMG) volunteer:

  1. Engage in research-based training and instruction on horticulture topics and environmentally sound practices.
  2. Earn the title of certified MSU Extension Master Gardener (EMG).
  3. Connect with like-minded people who share a passion for gardening and teaching others. 
  4. Improve the quality of life and inspire others in Michigan through service-based horticulture activities. 
  5. Work toward additional recognition opportunities. (e.g. Advanced EMG certification and volunteer hour recognition)
  6. Enjoy access to MSU Extension Consumer Horticulture workshops and events. (e.g. Master Gardener College)

Qualification to become an MSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteer:

  1. Must pass the MSU Volunteer Selection Process (VSP), which includes state and national background checks, references, and interview. 
    (A criminal record will not necessarily prevent an applicant from being an Extension Master Gardener volunteer. A criminal record will be considered as it relates to specifics of the volunteer opportunities for which the applicant may be engaged.)
  2. Must be 18 years of age or older.
  3. Be willing to commit to completing at least 40 hours of community-based volunteer service, in Michigan, through horticulture activities.
  4. Possess a willingness to educate others in the community about environmentally and economically sound horticulture practices.
  5. Have an enthusiasm for gardening.

Steps for Becoming an MSU Extension Master Gardener

More information coming in 2023.