2021 Online Garden Marketplace

One of the highly rated aspects of the MSU Extension Master Gardener College is the opportunity to interact with and "Shop" from our sponsors and vendors. Without the generous support and partnership with these companies, Master Gardener College would not be the same.

Take this opportunity to visit these companies, peruse their products and do a little online shopping.

Master Gardener College - Books

Book - How Plants WorkBook - Nature of OaksBook - Living Landscape

Master Gardener College registrants had the ability to purchase the following books. Purchased books were shipped directly to the address provided during registration. Prices listed below are inclusive of any applicable sales tax and shipping charges:


Dairy Doo Morgan Composting

Available at more than 90 DOO DEALER locations, DAIRY DOO organic compost and potting soils will help you get your plants back to being healthy, just like Mother Nature intended.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your lawn, tend to your flower or vegetable garden, or looking to fill out trees and shrubs, DAIRY DOO has the product to fit your needs.

Click the button below to find a list of quality products that fit your next lawn and garden project. If you have any questions about specifics in our products, feel free to contact Dairy Doo at any time, or find a dealer closest to you.

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Timber Press


Timber Press is dedicated to sharing the wonders of the natural world by publishing books from experts in the fields of gardening, horticulture, and natural history.

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HipNotions Tool Belt LLC

GardeningFarmerHorticultureHipNotionsToolBelts9wtools GardeningFarmerHorticultureHipNotionsToolBelts2    gardening1

HipNotions Tool Belts LLC was started in 2010 by Betty Ottesen of Wisconsin, a designer and sewing professional who saw tool belt needs for other professionals. The designs were created with the input of many different professions. They are constructed to last using top quality materials and attention to functional details. The Gardening Tool Belt can be customized to hold larger tools, bulky gloves, rolls of tape or a 20lb magnet to hold hand saws or pruners.  The tool belts are made in the USA.

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KNK-HANA-fit  WA-Logo copy    HP-VS8Z_fit

Wood-Avenue.com is your ultimate source for top quality garden tools!  Our professional pruning tools are designed to make the job easier and more enjoyable. Our tools are lightweight, perfectly balanced, and have super smooth action so you can use them all day long without fatigue.  Our blades are stronger, sharper, and specially hardened to keep their edge longer than the competition. Whatever your gardening needs, from pruning to planting to trimming, we have the tool for you.  Come check out our complete selection at Wood-Avenue.com – because the right tool really does make all the difference! Enter Coupon Code MSU10 to receive 10% off your order through Sept 15!


GT HANA Hori Hori: Hori-Hori means "dig-dig". These knives are truly multipurpose - weed, plant, divide perennials, even cut sod. They are beveled for shoveling with a serrated edge for sawing roots. The blade is marked for depth measurement for easy planting. Stainless Steel blade protects against rust. Reinforced vinyl sheath included. Product number: KNK-HANA (Pictured above on left)

ARS Signature Hand Pruner: The ARS Signature heavy duty pruner has changed the way we think about pruners! The carbon steel blade is Marquench hardened to keep its razor sharp edge an extra-long time. The blades are hard-chrome plated to resist rust and sap and help keep the cuts smooth and clean. Best of all, the simple locking mechanism allows you to simply squeeze the handles together to release the blades and has an easy thumb trigger to lock them shut. Simpler really is better! Product Number: HP-VS8XZ (Pictured above on right)

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The Dramm Corporation

Professional Watering Tools used by Growers Worldwide

Rainwand and Hose  HoseEnd Watering  Cutting Tools

For 80 years the Dramm family has participated in the horticultural industry as greenhouse growers, florists, and manufacturers.  In 1941, John G. Dramm designed and engineered the cornerstone of Dramm Corporation; the 400 Water Breaker® Nozzle.  After sharing his invention with fellow growers, & receiving many requests, he began manufacturing this unique hose nozzle in his basement.  This original design has often been imitated– but never equaled by competitors. Today, the Dramm Corporation is manufacturing the Water Breaker® Nozzle along with many additional horticultural tools, and an innovative line of fish-based fertilizers.  The same craftsmanship and attention to quality is incorporated into each Dramm product today as it has since 1941.

Thank you for your continued support of Dramm.  We take pride in supplying you with the highest quality product on the market.  When you buy Dramm, we guarantee you will receive a product that provides a lifetime of service.

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Food in the Flowers

Sip, Pick and Pack   Food in the Flowers

Two children’s book about seed formation, pollination and pollinators:

1) FOOD IN THE FLOWERS: How Pollinators Help Feed Us All
ages 3 and up

2) Sip, Pick, and Pack...How Pollinators Help Plants Make Seeds
ages 5-11

Gift cards are also available

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Wild Valley Farms LLC

Wild Valley Farms-Grow Box grown with Wool Pellets  IMG_9677  DSC4087

We are dedicated to helping you grow big healthy plants with: All Natural, Innovative, Soils and Fertilizers. 

Our unique product Wild Valley Farms Wool Pellets are made from one ingredient, 100% raw wool.  They are not only a fertilizer but they retain and hold water, provide nutrients, and increase porosity in the soil. 

The wool pellets have a slow release 9-0-2 NPK value creating a natural fertilizer that provides optimal nutrients that help plants flourish through the entire season.

The wool fibers absorb and hold 20% their weight in water making it the perfect solution for watering both in the garden and your indoor plants. Adding them to your soil reduces the number of times you need to water but also protects your plants from over watering by wicking the extra water away.

Wool pellets expand when added to the soil, helping to increase air porosity for optimal root growth and reducing the need for artificial additives.

Wild Valley Farms Wool Pellets are ALL-NATURAL, SUSTAINABLE, and RENEWABLE.  

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Happy Leaf LED

homepagephoto (1)  IMG_2646 (1) HLWelcomePhotovicbj

Happy Leaf LED is a homegrown LED grow light company with a great big passion for helping indoor growers succeed.  We love Master Gardeners!  Since 2014 we've been committed to constantly innovating our own designs and manufacturing our products here in the United States, unlike the vast majoriyt of LED grow light companies that are reselling older technology lights purchased overseas.  
With Happy Leaf, you can trust that you are getting the most current technology at a fair price.  Our lights are built to last and be very effective, for all-purpose plant growth, from seed starting, to vegetative growth, and yes, fruiting and flowering plants.  We back every light with a 5 year warranty and unparalleled customer service.    Happy Leaf lights ae highly efficient, lightweight, operate silently , and are simple to use.  As of 2021, all of our lights have an appealing daylight appearance and feature a 120 degree beam angle for impressive coverage areas.  Our solid-state design ensure there are no parts to fail, no bulbs to replace.  We love questions, so please contact us any time!

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Drone Reforestation. Quicker.Safer.Ready

       droneseed_logo  DroneSeed_process

DroneSeed provides rapid reforestation after wildfires using drones. Our mission is to make reforestation scaleable in order to mitigate climate change. To do so, we use heavily-lift drone swarms and a proprietary seed vessel that boosts survival rates to plant native trees and vegetation. Have a project in mind or are interested in learning more? Fill in the 'Contact us' form on the DroneSeed website or simply follow along on social media. 


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CobraHead LLC

CobraHead Original and CobraHead Mini     CobraHead Long Handle CobraHead Broadfork

CobraHead LLC produces high quality tools for gardeners and growers.  Our Wisconsin made tools are known for their versatility, rugged construction and ease of use.

CobraHead Produces four tools:

  1. The CobraHead Original Weeder and Cultivator: It weeds, cultivates, scalps, edges, digs, furrows, plants, transplants, de-thatches, and harvests with ease. The time proven blade design breaks up and plows almost any soil. Weighs 9.2 ounces.  13 inches long.

  2. The CobraHead ‘mini’ Weeder and Cultivator: A smaller version of the Original CobraHead.  Used for weeding and cultivating.  Super precise weeding ability. Small enough to fit in one’s pocket. Exceptionally comfortable handle for right or left-handed use. Weighs just 5 ounces.  8.75 inches long

  3. The CobraHead Long Handle: Stand up straight while you garden or weed by using our Long Handle Weeder and Cultivator.  The unique blade makes for extreme functionality.  Weed and cultivate with ease. You can select either a 48, 54 or 60 inch handle for your Weeder & Cultivator. The blade assembly adds 8" to the length, so the overall tool lengths are 56" (48" handle), 62" (54" handle), and 68" (60" handle). Generally most gardeners enjoy the 54” length and we typically recommend this size. The tool weighs about 2.5 lbs.
  4. The CobraHead Broadfork: A broadfork is an essential tool for small-scale farming and gardening using a no-till approach to soil preparation. The broadfork lifts and aerates soil without shredding it as a motorized tiller does. Broadforks are also excellent for heavy duty weeding, and they can be an assist for harvesting root crops. Our fork is light weight and strong and a pleasure to work with. Weight - 14 lbs.  Height – 57”

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Visit Dow Gardens

 Dow Gardens Iimage  Dow Gardens Flowers Dow Gardens Aerial Image Dow Gardens Image

Since being established in 1899, as a home for Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow and family, the 110-acre
Dow Gardens now welcomes more than 300,000 guests per year. Visitors are invited to leave the
pathway and explore the uniquely-designed landscape, take a tour of the historic Pines Home,
participate in one of many hands-on educational programs, stroll the nation’s longest canopy walk,
and discover beautiful art and music in a relaxed setting.

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 Spray Bottle Powder Gallon Jug

Proven the #1 most tested, #1 most effective, and #1 longest lasting animal repellents you can buy. Plantskydd stimulates a fear-based response which will have: Deer, Elk, Moose, Rabbit, Hares, Voles, Squirrels, Chipmunks, and other herbivores looking to dine somewhere other than your garden, nursery, orchard, or tree plantation.

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Master Gardener of Western Wayne County


Master Gardeners of Western Wayne County (MGWWC)  is a non-profit Michigan State University Extension (MSUE) associated volunteer organization dedicated to educating our local communities about gardening and horticulture using research-based information. We are here to come together to improve our Community, grow as individuals, learn from each other and have lots of FUN in the process!

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Master Gardener Apparel

 pink shirt Green jacket blue shirt Bag

Show you are proud to be an Extension Master Gardener (EMG) by wearing apparel and displaying license plate holders and other merchandise available to EMGs. Remember when you display the EMG logo you increase program visibility.

A wide assortment of Extension Master Gardener apparel is available through the Master Gardener Society of Oakland County (MGSOC) through their  online store. Please contact MGSOC at mgsocstore@gmail.com or (248) 693-9177.  

Sample Merchandise Options

Merchandise Price List

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Master Gardener Garden Stones

 Master Gardener Garden Stones Plant Signs

The Master Gardener Association of Genesee County Michigan is selling Garden Stones and Plant Signs.

Certified MSU Extension Master Gardeners can purchase garden stones, as pictured above. Stones are 11.5 inches in diameter, 2-3 inches thick and weigh 18-20 pounds. They are available in green, tan, brown and rose colors, or in a natural cement color. The stones are $35 per stone, including tax. Stones can be picked up in Grand Blanc, Michigan or shipped for an additional cost.

Plant signs can be used in your project gardens or even in your own garden! Plant signs generally consist of the botanical plant name and the common name, however custom signs can also be made.  Botanical accuracy will be checked.  Signs are 5” x 4” with an 18” stake. Signs are $8 per item, with an additional charge for shipping.

Master Gardener Stone Specifications
Stones and Plant Signs Flyer

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Carmen's Gardens

 Products on a dispaly table   Flowers Image of the Garden at Carmen's

Hello and welcome to my garden! My name is Carmen and I create soap , lotion, bath salts and scrubs, lip balm, and anti chafing products using herbs from my garden. I create small handmade batches of my products in my home near Lowell, Michigan. Carmen’s Gardens started several years ago. I became interested in creating natural bath products that nurtured skin and did not harm or add chemicals to the ground water. All of my products contain natural ingredients and contain no additives or dyes. I encourage you to visit my website, read through the information, and ultimately enjoy the products and your new skin!

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Are you a Certified MSU Extension Master Gardener?

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Then why not join the Michigan Master Gardener Association?

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B's Plant IDs

 Blank Marker by plant    20200503_163841 (2)

Now, what was the name of that plant? Mystery solved because you have it written on your plant marker! Don't let the plants that you have labored over go unlabeled. Write the name of the plant, the person they came from, or even the special meaning behind the plant on your plant markers.

B’s Plant IDs have a 9” reinforced stake and 1.5”x2.5” vinyl insert that clicks into place and stays there until you pop it out.  Included with our writeable packages is an Artline Garden Marking Pen that give years of readability. 

  • Dividing plants? Give a plant marker with the name of the plant and where it came from
  • Kids love writing on the inserts and having ownership in the garden
  • Works as a tombstone when the plant dies. Hint.. turn the double sided insert over and try something different
  • Perfect Gift for your Gardener
  • Made In the USA.

Limited Time Only-Get our 30 Pack for the price of a 20 Pack!! Code MI10OF

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