Poster Sharing Forum

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Extension Master Gardeners are working on amazing projects all throughout the state. This poster sharing forum provides the opportunity to share information and ideas, learn from fellow Extension Master Gardeners and showcase a variety of projects.

In order to help simplify the process, we have created some helpful tips for Extension Master Gardeners to use throughout this growing season to prepare for the 2020 Poster Sharing Forum. 


The Extension Master Gardener Poster Sharing Forum is a program developed to recognize and share the wonderful Extension Master Gardener (EMG) volunteer projects occurring throughout Michigan. The program coincides with the annual Master Gardener College.

We hope to inspire many of you to share your projects at the 2020 Master Gardener College in June! This is a great opportunity to network with EMGs from across the state, share your project ideas, and grow your own project. Inspire others and be inspired!

Entries to the EMG Poster Sharing Forum will be evaluated and the top three entries will be given first, second, and third place titles. If a large number of submissions are received, project evaluations may be done by categories rather than all together. All Poster Sharing Forum applications must show that meaningful learning occurred for the project audience. 

Download the 2020 full guidelines (Word Version)    2020 Guidelines (PDF Version)

Download the 2020 Poster Sharing Application         Poster Sharing Forum FAQs  

Download a photo release form

Download a template poster

For questions regarding the Poster Sharing Forum, please contact Irene Donne at

Poster Examples from 2018

2018 EMG Posters 1st - Sunflower Youth Garden Club B pic
1st Place - Sunflower Youth Garden Club
2018 EMG Posters 2nd - UMS_Mott Healing Butterfly Garden B pic
2nd Place - UMS Mott Healing Butterfly Garden
2018 EMG Posters 3rd - Oak Wilt Educational Outreach
3rd Place - Oak Wilt Educational Outreach
2018 EMG Posters - Peer Preferred - Canton Community Garden 1
Peer Preferred - Canton Community Garden