Master Gardener Conference

Master Gardener Conference August 23-24, 2024, Interlochen Center for the Arts

Mark your calendars for an amazing MSU Extension Master Gardener Learning Experience!


“MSU Extension Master Gardeners - Creating a Greener Michigan”


Every other year, the MSU Extension Master Gardener Program® hosts a conference for its MSU Extension Master Gardeners (EMGs) full of great keynotes, workshops, sessions, networking opportunities and a marketplace.  With all the changes happening to climate and environments, our 2024 theme is focused on how MSU EMGs can learn more to continue to be one of the major drivers creating greener cities and towns across the State of Michigan.  MSU Extension Master Gardeners don’t just plant flowers - they teach others how to increase insect and plant diversity, build more resilient ecosystems, and grow fresh produce for those in need! Situated in almost every county in the State of Michigan, MSU EMGs have the capacity to share science-based knowledge to residents across the entire state of Michigan so we can collectively create a greener and more sustainable place for all.  This conference aims to provide more information and tools to do just that!

Our setting is uniquely situated at the beautiful Interlochen Center for the Arts.  The Interlochen Center for the Arts will serve as host for our two-day retreat-style science-based gardening event. The 1,200-acre campus is surrounded by nature and nestled between two lakes. The campus includes several hiking trails; beaches; and a Botanical Lab and Community Garden with a school garden, hoop houses, outdoor kitchens, an apiary, pollinator garden, permaculture site, and aquaponics. There are so many reasons to visit Interlochen’s campus and we can’t wait to delight MSU Extension Master Gardeners with all there is to offer.  Several pre- and post-conference field trip options will be offered, so holding Aug 22 and 25 can be helpful too.

NOTE: As plans are finalized, lots of exciting updates will be coming soon on the 2024 event!