Session information, including recordings are available below.

Wednesday, February 17

9 a.m. - Moving the Needle on Soil Health

Paul Gross and Christina Curell

Feeling stuck on improving your soil health? This session will discuss the value of soil health and how it enhances ecosystem services and resilience to changing weather. Learn about ways evaluate, improve and move forward your soil health.
*Continuing education hours are available for MSU Extension Master Gardeners
*1 Credit - 1A, Comm CORE, Priv CORE
*1 Soil & Water Management CEU


10 a.m. - Cover Crops: Fitting into your System

Dean Baas

Are you thinking of using or currently using cover crops and looking for alternatives for fitting them into your cropping system? This session will discuss cover crop species and traditional as well as innovative planting methods for including them in your rotations. Topics will include early interseeding, planting green and more.
*1 Credit - 1A, Comm CORE, Priv CORE
*.5 Soil & Water Management CEU
*.5 Crop Management CEU   


11 a.m. - Cover Crops as Forage: What to Consider

Phil Kaatz

Are cover crops forages or forages cover crops? In many ways they are the same, but there are important differences. This session will discuss considerations for growing cover crops for forage including species, timing, evaluating your stand and forage quality.
*1 Credit - 1A, Comm CORE, Priv CORE
*1 Crop Management CEU

Video recording coming soon!

1 p.m. Barley and Rye for the Brewing and Distilling Industries

Brook Wilke and Ryan Hamilton

Does the growing craft beverage market in Michigan provide an opportunity for farmers to produce locally grown small grains? This session will discuss the current markets and requirements for locally grown barley for malting and brewing and rye for distilling. Topics will include management considerations and potential benefits/pitfalls when considering these specialty crops.
*1 Credit - 1A, Comm CORE, Priv CORE
*1 Crop Management CEU


2 p.m. - Solar Energy Lease Agreement Considerations

Charles Gould
Things to consider when approached by a renewable energy company to build a solar project on your farm.

With the change in Administrations in Washington, there is likely to be renewed interest in expanding renewable energy resources in the countryside.  MSU Extension’s Charles Gould, Michigan State University Extension Bioenergy Educator, has been in the forefront of investigating ways to include solar, wind and biogas generation of power to reduce energy costs to producers.  This session will focus on things to consider if you are approached by a renewable energy company to build solar generation on your or adjacent farms.   We have asked Charles to discuss how these may impact your operation (or how to minimize the impacts) and what the implications may be for your neighbors and property tax valuation.