ArtShare believes in Michigan’s creative talent and works to promote ways to keep artists working throughout Michigan.

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ArtShare_JPGMichigan is loaded with creative talent. Innovation is all around us. Technology, manufacturing, entrepreneursChazz in front of the Obama painting.jpg and businesses large and small are working their magic. Whether we live in a small town, a big city, suburb or rural community; we all need arts and culture. Too often we forget that a strong economy requires an equally strong and diverse arts community in order to stay relevant, connected and viable. Working together, we've learned that sharing our creative passions result in a stronger and more elastic economic base within and between communities. 

You choose how to spend your money and in doing so, you also choose what is important to you and your community. There are many ways to support arts and culture. We encourage you to think about what you'd like to see and do in your community, then work with us to make it happen.


Visit our website often to see what we've been up to in communities around Michigan, then let your imagination soar. Together we can create inspiring events for your community. We have the commitment to work with you to create something good, then export that idea to other Michigan communities. Michigan ArtShare is an open-concept idea that allows Michigan's creative citizens to share their work state-wide in an established network.

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