Past Exhibitions

Joel Ellis - Paintings

Betty Kay Price - Paintings

"I love the Beauty of God’s creation. My art reflects some of the aspects that I see around me, the movement of the land, shapes, form, light and dark. Then there is color. I love to try new things and play with color bringing the shapes and forms together in composition meant to bring warmth to a cold climate and lift the spirit of the viewer.  I paint with acrylics and sometimes mixed media, incorporating ink, and or paper and other materials. For me, Art is an adventure. The best part of the adventure is the reaction of people to my art. When they express how good it makes them feel."


Kenny Price - Photography


"I am a photographer so I use the world that God has created, and what man has added to God’s creation as my canvas. I do not create anything new; I just try and show people a new view of the world. I am blessed, or cursed, with the love of seeing all things, so my subject matter goes from Nature to landscapes, mechanic subjects and all points in between. In today’s hectic schedule, too many people only see what is front of them. They do not take time to see the flowers, birds, animals, or even the dents in the walls. My job is to take things that people look at every day, but do not see. There is a door on Pearl Street in Jackson that a lot of people pass daily, but never see the football player above it. A single leaf on the river can be a great thing of beauty. With the advent of digital photography, I am able to take a lot more photos of the same thing to get the feeling I am looking for. Photos may need to be in color or black and white to achieve a different meaning. Today’s Photographer has many more tools to try and achieve the perfect photo, than the old masters of years gone by. The end result still remains the same. To make the viewer become one with the photo, to have them achieve an emotional attachment to it."

Doug Delind

Doug owes his artistic career to three factors – a short attention span, support from friends and family, and early recognition by the Lansing Art Gallery. He was accepted in one of the first community-wide competitions the Lansing Art Gallery sponsored. The pieces that he has submitted are a part of his early work as an artist. They are pieces that he loves and cherishes because they represent his beginning as an artist and work that enabled him to continue his career.


His process for these pieces started with going to the Potter Park Zoo or the MSU Farms and drawing large pictures of animals. In these drawings, he would center on body posture and identifying characteristics of the animals more than realistic portrayals. He would then take the loose drawings and begin making stencils from butcher paper, tracing elements of the drawing then cutting a hole in the butcher paper with a utility knife, He would print 25 images of the first stencil and then add to or modify his design with each added color. The quality of the ink, its matte surface and opacity kept him working with this media despite his messy nature.

Diane DeMott

I love this earth and all the wonders it holds and that is my inspiration for my art.   It is what I know best!  With this series of Eagles and Birds of Prey I like showing them doing things we usually don’t get to see, i.e. bathing, nesting, feeding their chicks and so on. This series is not done. There are more things to learn about Eagles and I want to show that also. My favorite mediums are oils, watercolor, ink and graphite. I love to explore new mediums and I have such as colored pencil, powdered graphite and water soluble graphite. Mixing media is something I am fond of such as ink and watercolor and look forward to doing more of that. I am looking forward to exploring what I can do and making more art!


In 1996, I took a design class and the result of that class is a large drawing I call “Coming Home”. My first Eagle! It was a long time after that before I could put pencil to paper again. These birds are the result of my retirement and the time to once again make art! So, I set up and grabbed a pencil. I love working in graphite and seeing the different values that can be achieved. I also work in oils, colored pencils and watercolor. Still graphite in any form (pencil, powdered and water soluble) is my favorite medium. A friend in wild life recovery helped give me my subject matter. He just released an eagle a few weeks ago. I am lucky to have an Eagle that flies over my house and lives just down river from me. I want people with no eagles in their lives to watch to be able to enjoy these! Being an old hippy, nature has always fascinated me, I love being in the woods and along the rivers. I have been to California and seen the coast and in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and lived at the foot of Mt. Whitney, seeing it all through an artist’s eye. I want to bring it all in to other’s homes and lives!

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