Take Action

Michigan Good Food

Once you sign the Resolution of Support, there are lots of ways to take action! To get you started, check out the ideas for individuals and organizations below.

Sign up for Charter communications

Read the Michigan Good Food Charter Brand Policy.

Ideas for Individuals

Spread the Word about Good Food

  • Write an article or letter for your local newspaper talking about why Michigan needs “good food” – food that’s healthy, green, fair and affordable.
  • Ask five friends to sign the Michigan Good Food Resolution of Support.
  • Organize an event to celebrate and promote local foods with a community organization (examples: your church, your school, your local boy or girl scout troop, sports events, your neighborhood association) and distribute copies of the 2018 Charter SummaryContact us for copies.
  • Use the agenda briefs to educate yourself and others about the issues important to your community. 

Buy, Grow and Eat Good Food

  • Cook one family meal a week using fresh local foods.
  • Create a home menu plan for the whole week and incorporate at least 5 local foods.     
  • Include your children in cooking and food preparation at least once a week.
  • Make half your plate fruit and vegetables. Choose at least one fruit or vegetable that is grown in Michigan and is local.
  • When eating out, choose restaurants serving locally sourced food items.
  • Visit your local farmers market at least once a month for the whole growing season (May-October).
  • Purchase a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share.
  • Thank the manager at your local food retailer for stocking local products if they do. If they don’t, ask them to!
  • Plant 3 edible herbs, fruits or vegetables and share them with a neighbor.
  • Plant a garden or container garden.

Share Good Food with Others

  • Teach a child in your life about a Michigan grown vegetable they did not know about.
  • Teach a child in your life something about growing food.
  • Preserve (can, dry, freeze or ferment) fresh vegetables or fruits from a garden or farmers market and share some with a neighbor.
  • Volunteer at a nearby food bank or pantry.
  • Help start a community garden plot to donate to a local pantry.
  • Plant a fruit tree somewhere where a neighbor can benefit from it.

Advocate for Good Food

  • Ask a school, hospital, college or other institution in your community to join the 20% by 2020 Campaign.
  • Start a school garden.
  • Talk with the principal at your child’s school about the importance of including opportunities to learn about food and agriculture in the curriculum.
  • Ask your child’s teacher to celebrate events with Michigan foods.
  • Talk with the planning commission in your community about the importance of ensuring access to healthy food and protecting farmland.


Ideas for Organizations

  • Ask three other organizations you work with to sign the Michigan Good Food Charter Resolution of Support.
  • If you don’t already participate, join or attend meetings of a local food policy council or similar group in your area.
  • Assess how goals from the charter can be incorporated into your organization’s strategic plan.
  • If you buy food on a regular basis, choose to buy from Michigan farmers whenever possible. Check out Michigan Market Maker as one way to find local farmers.
  • Participate in or sponsor a local food systems event or conference.
  • Hold a staff volunteer day at a nearby farm or food pantry.
  • Write an article about how your organization’s work aligns with the Michigan Good Food Charter and publish in your own newsletter or the Michigan Good Food newsletter.
  • Sponsor a community garden.
  • Facilitate meetings with others striving to meet the goals of the Good Food Charter to see how complementary actions will support the mission.
  • Distribute copies of the Michigan Good Food Charter summary at your next event.
  • If your organization buys food, commit to sourcing as close to twenty percent of your food products from Michigan as possible.
  • For church organizations, here are some Ideas for Taking Action with Churches