Contributors Expo

We thank our generous Contributors for supporting the 2020 Michigan Inland Lakes Convention. Their contributions are helping advance stewardship of our inland lakes through learning, networking, and exchange of ideas. With their support, we were able to offer an outstanding online program and offer free registration to students. We invite you to explore what they have to offer!


Platinum Contributors

CD3, General Benefit Corporation

CD3 is a general benefit corporation dedicated to developing technologies to prevent the spread o finvasive species. As boaters, anglers, and hunters, our mission is to develop technologies that empower people to reduce the spread of invasive species, safeguard local economies, and protect the natural environment. We offer easy to use, self-serve, waterless cleaning systems that reduce the spread of invasive species.

Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan

Farm Bureau Insurance recognizes the special needs of homes on the lake and their owners, so we developed the Lake Estate® policy. One of a kind protection for your lakefront home.

Glen Lake Association

Glen Lake Association is a non-profit, member-driven organization. Founded in 1945, it is one of Michigan’s first lake associations-- and continues to serve its community through a data-based, watershed-wide approach to water quality protection. Glen Lake Association utilizes many tools, skills and strategies to protect the watershed-- all these efforts stem from sound science and our own research. Our mission: to preserve and protect the water quality, natural resources and quality of life in the Glen Lake-Crystal River Watershed through leadership, education and collaboration for future generations to inherit. Our vision: to be the recognized leader in evidence-based strategies for protecting the watershed while advancing environmentally sustainable policies and quality of life. Location: Glen Lake-Crystal River Watershed, Glen Arbor, Michigan

Michigan Chapter of the North American Lake Management Society

The purpose of the North American Lake Management Society, known as McNALMS, is to promote understanding and comprehensive management of Michigan’s inland lake ecosystems. McNALMS also provides student scholarships for lake related research and outreach activities.

Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

EGLE ensures Michigan's water resources remain clean and abundant by establishing water quality standards, overseeing public water supplies, regulating the discharge of industrial and municipal wastewaters, monitoring water quality and the health of aquatic communities, developing policy, and fostering stewardship. Water-related program staff provide for the protection, restoration and conservation of Michigan's Great Lakes, inland lakes and streams, wetlands, and groundwater.

Michigan Lakes and Streams Association

Michigan Lakes and Streams Association, Inc. (MLSA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation made up of organizations, corporations, associations, and individuals who share our goal of preserving and protecting Michigan’s vast heritage of freshwater resources. The primary goal of MLSA is educating and assisting lake associations and individual riparian property owners in water resource friendly techniques, we also publish The Michigan Riparian magazine.

Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership

The Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership (MNSP) is a collaboration of state agencies, academia, nonprofit organizations, and private industry working to together for healthier shoreline development practices from high impact methods that change the natural riparian condition to practices that:

1. Restore/Preserve the ecological function of the shoreline.
2. Effectively stabilize shoreline erosion.
3. Are attractive options to lakefront property owners.
The MNSP provides resources for education and training of contractors and lakefront property owners.

Michigan Waterfront Alliance

We are a non-profit corporation that was formed over twenty years ago in order to contribute to the creation or preservation of state laws and/or policies designed to protect, preserve, and promote the sustainable use of inland water resources located in the State of Michigan. Our primary mission will be accomplished by pro-active participation in Michigan’s legislative process, certain court cases, and/or by direct involvement with natural resources management, or environmental quality focused state agencies or departments.

Michigan State University, Institute of Water Research

The Institute of Water Research, one of 54 federally designated water institutes, helps to address critical water issues through research, technology, education and outreach. Our decision support and watershed analysis tools are freely available online.

PLM Lake and Land Management Corp.

We are an American, woman-owned and operated small business whose goal for over thirty years has been to protect your property from the aesthetic and economic damage caused by invasive plant species. We provide a team of expert biologists, foresters, ecologists and managers to evaluate your environment, prioritize existing problems and develop plans to prevent new infestations. PLM offers a variety of watershed management tools, products and services including lake and pond surveys, vegetation mapping (AVAS), invasive species management plans, herbicide and algaecide applications for aquatic and terrestrial species, bathymetric mapping, water quality testing, aquatic harvesting, aeration / fountains, fish assessments, and right of way (ROW) management. Our company also caters to the invasive plant and algae control needs of power generation companies. Our proven watershed management cycle “Evaluate, Prescribe, Implement” assures constant care and follow-up measures for each customer.


Gold Contributors

LakePro, Inc.

Water in Michigan is constantly and rapidly changing. Unfortunately, most of these changes are detrimental to your waterbody and increase the need for management. For this reason, LakePro provides a wide variety of aquatic management services. This allows us to create a customized management plan that includes different methods and is specific to your lake, pond or other waterbody. Services include weed and algae control, shoreline restoration, nutrient reduction, and much more.

Michigan Aquatic Managers Association

The purpose of the Association shall be to assist in promoting the management of aquatic vegetation, to provide for the scientific and educational advancement of members, to encourage scientific research, to promote an exchange of information among members, to extend and develop public interest in the discipline, and to participate in any Legislative procedures at any level of government that oversees the use and/or enforcement of the laws, regulations, policies, guidance, and funding governing the use of aquatic pesticides or other forms of aquatic plant management in the waters of the State of Michigan.

Michigan Lakefront Solutions, LLC

Focused on protecting and enhancing our aquatic resources through proper lake management. Lakes and ponds should be treated as resources for all, protected for their life preserving ability. We aim to educate homeowners and recreational users of the benefits / responsibilities that come with enjoying a lake or pond. We try to strike a balance between those that want to fish, swim, boat or just enjoy the scenery. We pride ourselves in providing a high level of customer service and working with homeowners for the common goal of a healthy aquatic environment. We offer:

  • Lake / Pond management services.
  • Products for homeowners to maintain their own ponds or lake frontage.
  • Fountains and aeration systems to reduce algae mats and limit mosquito breeding.
  • Organic Nutrient reduction products for “muck” build-up and to limit nutrient loading.



Silver Contributors

Kieser & Associates, LLC

K&A has broad experience collaborating with lake associations and lake boards in Michigan to address specific lake issues and provide innovative solutions. K&A takes a holistic approach in delivering lake management services. From more traditional lake services, such as aquatic plant surveys and management strategies, to more nuanced study designs to characterize lake sediments or lake level fluctuations, K&A has expertise in a number of lake management services. Several of our lake specialists are certified as Natural Shoreline Professionals through the Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership.

North American Lake Management Society

Our mission is a simple, but powerful one: to forge partnerships among citizens, scientists, and professionals to foster the management and protection of lakes and reservoirs … for today and tomorrow. NALMS is not focused on professionals, academic researchers, or any smaller interest group alone; rather, NALMS is a melting pot, welcoming anyone interested in lakes.