2019 Marketplace Trade Show Vendor List

Here is a list of all vendors that are currently registered for the trade show. 


Avalon International Breads

Avalon Breads bakes bread at the Hearth and Soul of Detroit, devoted to using 100% organic flour, and maintaining a triple bottom line. In addition to their breads, Avalon bakes vegan cakes, cookies (Packaged and raw place-and-bake, vegan and non-vegan), and foodservice burger buns. Everything is clean label. Eat well, do good.


Peach & Honey, LLC

Peach & Honey, LLC is an all natural wholesale bakery, and they make Cake Bars - artisanal, wholesome slices of cake available in a variety of flavors: Apricot Almond, Cherry Lemon, Oat Coconut Chocolate, & Date Walnut; and seasonally: Apple Maple Pecan, & Cranberry Orange Pistachio. Free from artificial ingredients, flavors and preservatives, Cake Bars are made using premium organic/natural ingredients, including an assortment of nuts and/or nut flours, fruit and/or fruit purees. Known for their distinctive flavors and texture, Cake Bars are great with coffee and tea, at breakfast, as a snack, or an elegant dessert item, anytime of the day!


Stone Hearth Bakery

They are a Family Owned and Operated specialty Artisan Bakery since 2010. Their products are made from scratch without preservatives. The products include Apple Cinnamon (Michigan apples), Peach Pecan, Strawberry White Chocolate, Red Raspberry Dark Chocolate, Wild Blueberry Cream Cheese, Cranberry Orange, German  Rye seeded or unseeded, German Sauerkraut Rye, Jewish Rye, Jalapeno Cheese, Multi (8) Grain, Honey Whole Wheat, Polish Pumpernickel, Marble Rye, Rosemary Herb, Parmesan Pepper, Tomato Basil, Spinach Feta Cheese, French Bread, San Francisco Sourdough, 4-Cheese Pepperoni Rolls, 4-Cheese Habanero/Jalapeno Pepperoni Rolls, Assorted Sweets to die for Triple Chocolate Chunk Brownies Cookies: Molasses, Chocolate Chip, Vermont Krunchy, White Almond Crunch, Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter and more.


Trenary Home Bakery

Trenary Home Bakery has specialized in the wholesale production of Trenary Toast for over 90 years. Trenary Toast is a twice baked sweet bread coated in our home made mixture of cinnamon and sugar - and is engineered to be dunked in a hot beverage. Trenary Toast has a shelf life of 365 days from the date that it is produced.



Mud Lake Farm, LLC d.b.a. St. Steve's Cordials & Soda

St. Steve’s Cordials and Soda is a Hudsonville farm-based manufacturer of small-batch sodas and cordials (flavored syrups).  Their mission is to create delicious, healthy beverages featuring real ingredients grown on our Michigan farm. Made with fresh natural ingredients and low in sugar, it puts pop back on the menu for the health-conscious consumer. Their newest soda is a root beer featuring Michigan-grown carrots, beets, and their own chamomile and ginger.



Al Bourdeau Insurance Agency

Your business is unique. Your protection should be unique too. Since 1921 Al Bourdeau Insurance Agency has been covering the specific needs of commercial, personal, life, and health insurance customers. Their focus has always been providing the best possible customer service, broadest coverage, and lowest price to customers across the State of Michigan and beyond. Their unique blend of knowledge, experience, compassion, and technology positions us to not only give you the best coverage at the lowest price, but to always be there for you through the best and worst times in life. Plus, with office locations in East Lansing, Flint, Port Huron, Clarkston, and Farmington Hills you’re never far from a smiling face and a helping hand.



ehub is a consulting service for brands to build e-commerce.



They provide a turn-key brand storytelling builder experiences for directors of entrepreneurial-based organizations whose charge is to build up the next generation of game changers and disrupters. With an emphasis on consumer psychology, behavioral science, and storytelling, they work with leaders like you to enhance your current experience and strategically position your candidates to compete. In order to innovate to the next level, you have to provide the tools for your teams to go deep to understand why the world must to pay attention to their Big Hairy Audacious Ideas. That’s where Entre-SLAM will be your partner-in-crime.


Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) is comprised of six divisions that use a customer-driven, solution-oriented approach to cultivate and expand new economic opportunities for the food and agricultural sector; safeguard the public’s food supply; inspect and enforce sound animal health practices; control and eradicate plant pests and diseases threatening the $104.7 billion food and agriculture system; preserve the environment by which the farming community makes their living and feeds consumers; and protect consumers by enforcing laws relating to weights and measures.


MSU Global Food Law

Considering exporting your product?  Looking for ways to improve relationships with your ingredient suppliers?  The Global Food Law Program at Michigan State University College of Law has the tools owners, manufacturers, distributors, lawyers, regulators and other food industry professionals need to answer these and other questions that arise in a constantly changing market.  Enroll in a course or pursue your master’s degree entirely online.


Northern Initiatives

Northern Initiatives is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) which is a private financial institution that provides loans to small business owners, entrepreneurs, and community organizations that might not qualify for loans from traditional banks for a variety of reasons. Many times, lending is focused on low-income, disadvantaged, and underserved communities. CDFIs are certified by the Community Development Financial Institution Fund (CDFI Fund) and the U.S. Department of the Treasury, which provides funds to CDFIs through a variety of programs.


Produce Safety Alliance

The Produce Safety Alliance provides education and support regarding the FSMA Produce Safety Rule.  Their booth will provide information about free educational opportunities and resources available to Michigan growers of fresh produce who may be subject to the FSMA Food Safety regulations outlined in the Produce Safety Rule.


U.S. Food & Drug Administration

The Food & Drug Administration is responsible for protecting public health by ensuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, and medical devices; and ensuring the safety of our nation's food supply, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation.  FDA also has responsibility for regulating the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of tobacco products to protect the public health and to reduce tobacco use by minors.  Exhibit will provide educational information regarding FDA and regulated products.


USDA Rural DevelopmentUSDA Rural Development is committed to helping improve the economy and quality of life in rural America. Through their programs, they help rural Americans in many ways. They offer loans, grants and loan guarantees to help create jobs and support economic development for business owners, food processors, growers and individuals. They offer technical assistance and information to help agricultural producers and cooperatives get started and improve the effectiveness of their operations.



Bodhi Tree Juice Co

Bodhi Tree Juice Co is a woman owned Michigan company. They will be featuring their signature brew Switchel at the Making it in Michigan Trade Show.  Switchel is a brew based on a recipe used by farmers dating back to the 1800’s. They have added a few modern-day twists to their Switchel adding turmeric, and other nutritious superfoods. They will be introducing two new flavors at this event!  Make sure to stop by the booth and sample one or all of them!


CASON Beverage

What makes CASON Beverage unique is we’re a hybrid of multiple beverages. They have the aromatics and foamy head of a craft beer, the flavor profile and bubble structure of a soft drink, the health benefits of a kombucha, but with the clean label of sparkling water. Craft Sparkling Water + The World's Cleanest Ginger Beer! Zero sugar, nothing artificial! Made in Michigan!


Choice Energy Products LLC

Choice focuses on producing simple, organic food products that taste good and make you feel good, ultimately benefiting the body and mind. This year’s marketplace booth will feature 100 percent organic, plant based tea tonics and kombucha.


Fancy Juice Bar

Fancy Juice Bar makes fresh cold pressed juice from apple, orange, beets, celery,etc without any preservatives.


Fireside Coffee Co.

Fireside Coffee Co. is a small batch craft coffee and handcrafted drink mixes business in Swartz Creek, Michigan. They want to create an experience that brings joy to their customers, staff, vendors & community.  They roast our coffee in small batches and handcraft their cocoa and mocha mixes to ensure quality, consistency and happiness in every cup.  Community is important and their proud to have our coffee sold at local restaurants, coffee shops and retail stores.  And you'll find locally sourced items in their shop too.  From handmade coffee mugs, to local baked goods, to hand carved coffee scoops. You'll also find their coffee, cocoa, mocha and chai mixes in independent retail shops around the country.


Fraser Tea

Fraser Tea organic blends are handcrafted in small batches by a trio of tea sommeliers and master blenders. They also happen to be brothers. Founders John, Tom and Bernard Fraser approach their one-of-a-kind blends with three goals in mind: developing bold new flavors, inspiring healthy choices and complementing your mood and lifestyle. Each blend has the power to maximize the natural effects of a tea – making it the beverage to reach for on any occasion.



GingeRx is an organic ginger shot crafted to ignite your soul. They squeeze fresh oranges and lemon with a blend of ginger root and cayenne pepper. The result is a sweet and tangy shot with a little kick that will awaken your senses to keep your mind and body strong. Conquer From Within!


InBooze Cocktail Kits

InBooze kits are made from dehydrated fruits, veggies and herbs and placed in a tea style pouch. They offer 10 varieties, including Margarita, Red Wine Sangria, Moscow Mule and more!


Kong Power Tea

Kong Power Tea is made with organic ginger root and six powerful herbs, natural honey, and with no added sugar. Their tea provides natural energy plus other health benefits. It is available in real lemon flavor and soon they will introduce four more flavors; lime, orange, mixed berries, and grapefruit.


Littlefoot Coffee Roasters

Littlefood Coffee Roasters little but mighty operation is a reflection of their hard-working heritage. They source beans grown by exceptional people which allows them to roast coffee that brews one great cup. Their rotating menu keeps things fresh and highlights the best of each season. They will have 12 oz. retail bags available for sale.


Lively Up Kombucha LLC

Lively Up Kombucha produces high quality kombucha tea. They have the lowest sugar kombucha on the market & four bottled flavors available. Each flavor of kombucha is very different from each other and unique on its own. They will be sampling their kombucha and educating the benefits of probiotics and fermented beverages.


Mighty Good Coffee

Mighty Good Coffee roasts premium beans from around the world sourcing from select farms, co-ops and mills to create a carefully considered collection of  packaged and bulk offerings for groceries, restaurants, cafes and businesses. MGC also offers a broad selection of training and educational programs for wholesale customers and general coffee enthusiasts at their training lab in Ann Arbor.


MISEA Coffee

MISEA Coffee will offer Vietnamese coffee imports at the show with Malaysian and Indonesian to follow in summer 2020. On-site specialty tasting available. For more information see www.miseacoffee.com.


Soldadera Coffee LLC

Soldadera Coffee, a family-oriented small business, launching its cold-brew, authentic

Cultural brand in West Michigan. The unique blend of coffee produced by Soldadera

Coffee was inspired by the “cafe de olla” (coffee from a clay pot) that originated during the

Mexican Revolution back in the early 1900’s. Soldadera goal is to bring a unique-tasting Cold Brew coffee to the community while empowering minority women as the original "Soldadera's", women-soldiers who fought for equality.


Truck Stop Organics Coffee

Truck Stop Organics Coffee is a rich, rewarding, premium organic coffee that is priced for the real world. Coffee can come in whole bean or ground, and is available in High Road Roast (Dark), Daybreak Roast (Light) and Big Rig Roast (Extra Dark).


Swiss Mountain Coffee

Swiss Mountain Coffee is a private label micro-roaster that produces artisan delicious specialty roasted coffee and nitro cold brew coffee. Specialty grade coffee beans are carefully selected from areas such as Central America, South America, Africa and Indonesia; and are freshly roasted at Diedrich Roasters. 


Paramount Roasters

Paramount Coffee has been synonymous for quality coffee since 1935. Our coffees can be purchased online and found in many retailers across the country. Coffee can come either bagged, or in single-serve pods.


Petoskey Farms Vineyard & Winery

Whether you are a local just needing a break, a wine trail enthusiast (they are now on the Petoskey Wine Region), or a tourist who simply likes to taste wine or buy local wines, they have a place and view just for you. Taste the local grapes and other local fruit in their Michigan wines made with you in mind! Petoskey Farms Vineyard & Winery will have logo'd merchandise including wine tumbler cups and stemless drinkware available for purchase.


Schuil Coffee

Schuil Coffee produces over 200 roasted specialty coffees and teas. The variety includes traditional ones you’d expect, and truly unique ones too. They import arabica (specialty) coffee beans, and roast them on site.



Brinks Family Creamery LLC

They produce 8 different flavors of cheese curds from the Grade A milk produced by their 200 registered holstein dairy cattle.


Good Gallons Dairy & Consulting

Good Gallons Dairy & Consulting makes pudding (chocolate, vanilla, mocha), using whole pasteurized goat milk from their own goat dairy in East Leroy, MI. It is an all natural product, with very few ingredients. The entire product is Michigan-made, from the goat feed to the packaging and labels. Since goat milk is easier to digest than cow milk, and it is nutritionally superior to plant or nut based 'milks'; their product is a great alternative for people with cow milk allergies. It is currently on the shelves at Horrocks Farmers Market in Battle Creek, available through Sprout in Battle Creek, and at the Kalamazoo Farmers Market, where it is very popular. The product is about to be available at Bridge Street Market in Grand Rapids.


Maple Leaf Farm & Creamery

Maple Leaf Farm is all about goats, milk, cheese and life on the farm. Cheese include several different kinds of goat cheese. They have Chevre in 10 flavors, Feta in 6 flavors, Curds in 5 flavors and 3 kinds of aged cheese.


Nan’s Butter Factory

Nan’s Butter Factory is a family owned, Michigan business that makes clarified butters (ghee). Their butters are made using 100% organic sweet cream from grass-fed, Midwestern cows.  They offer multiple flavors, including original, garlic, rosemary, cardamom, vanilla and seasonal specialty flavors such as vanilla-cinnamon during holidays.


Oh So Cheesy Cheese Company

Oh So Cheesy Cheese Company is based in Holland, Michigan where they expertly craft 9 ridiculously delicious cheese spreads. Spreads are available in 10 ounce tubs for retail distribution and sales, and foodservice sizes as well.


Palazzolo's Artisan Dairy

Palazzolo's Artisan Dairy produces gelato, sorbetto, frozen yogurt, premium ice cream, soft serve ice cream, soft serve shake mix, pre-portioned ice cream for foodservice, non-dairy fruit-based options, vegan options, custard, smoothie mix, novelties, assorted ice cream mixes, no suguar, no fat options and high protein options.



Albie's Food Products

Albie’s offers a variety of homemade-quality convenience foods, including pot pies, filled bread sticks, a variety of calzones, beef & chicken pasties, and much more. All products are produced in their USDA approved and Peanut-Free plant, and are available in either their ‘Albie’s’ brand packaging, or in private-label packaging.


Cultured Love

Cultured Love seeks to Restore Life Through Living Foods, creating delicious plant-based products including five distinct flavors of organic sauerkraut and kimchi.


Curry Fresh

The first, freshly packaged Indian food without preservatives, gluten free, nut free and non bio-engineered. They use HPP (high pressure pasteurization) to extend the shelf-life of our products and hence they offer the full buy-back to the grocery stores.



HumusFalafil produces classic Mediterranean food. Their product line includes hummus, Italian spinach cheese pie, and tahini sauce.


Lost Village Pierogi

Lost Village Pierogi offers hand-crafted, artisan pierogi made fresh weekly and frozen for consumers to purchase and prepare at home.


Marie Catrib’s Provisions

Marie Catrib’s Provisions is excited to share their wonderful recipes made with love to the community. Currently they are selling five salads. Poblano potato salad, Thai peanut, rotini and veggie, kale & sweet potato and chicken salad. They also offer Marie’s wonderful seasoning for your anytime of the day potatoes plus their favorite duck egg chocolate pudding.


Polish Harvest Food Products

Polish Harvest Food Products is a pierogi company originated in Hamtramck, Michigan. They offer several different flavors of prepackaged frozen pierogis in packs of 12. Flavors include Farmer's Cheese, Potato, Sauerkraut, Potato-Cheddar, Potato-Farmer's Cheese, Mushrooms, Sauerkraut-with-Mushrooms, Strawberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Plum and Cabbage.


Uncle Peters Pasties

Uncle Peters Pasties specializes in Up North Style pasties, with 18 different varieties including beef, chicken, venison, buffalo, elk, spinach feta, breakfast sausage. Each pasties is a whopping 3/4 lb. We also carry homemade soups.



Bremer Authentic Ingredients

Bremer Authentic Ingredients is your local source for your wholesale food and beverage ingredients needs! For over 65 years, Bremer has provided ingredients to mid-western Makers, Manufacturers and Craftsmen so they have what they need to make the goods we enjoy!



The Kroger Co. is one of the nation’s top grocery retailers. Their mission is to be a leader in the distribution and merchandising of food, pharmacy, health and personal care items, seasonal merchandise, and related products and services. They place considerable importance on forging strong supplier partnerships. Their suppliers, large or small, local or global, are essential components in accomplishing their mission.


Lipari Foods

Lipari Foods is a leading independent “perimeter of the store” distributor in the Midwest, delivering a wide range of quality bakery, dairy, frozen retail, deli, packaging, seafood, meat, grocery, food service, confectionery and convenience foods and beverage products to over 5,000 customers across 12 states.



Building local relationships that matter. Sounds like SpartanNash. As the sixth largest food distributor and leading distributor of grocery products to U.S. commissaries, they operate 155+ stores and 18 distribution centers, serving customers in 50 states.



Country Home Creations, Inc.

Makers of the best dips in the "country" since 1980. Country Home Creations makes all-natural, fresh, and versatile gourmet food mixes. Products include dip and spread mixes, pickling mixes, no-bake cheesecake mixes, bread dipping oil mixes, soup and bread mixes, and hummus mixes. Their mixes are locally made in Michigan and sold in small businesses across the country.


Fry Krisp Food Products Inc

Fry Krisp manufactures breading, batter and specialty mixes  for both the retail and food service markets.


Maiden Mills

Maiden Mills produces Stone Ground Artisan Flours from Amazing Grains, Grown and Ground by the Power of the Sun, from Farmer to Miller to You. Their Mission: To support stewardship of our bodies and our planet with sustainable powered stone milling of organic, heritage and ancient grains.


Tenera Grains

They make a delicious and healthy granola using the ancient grain teff which is grown on our 7th generation family farm. Their product, Teffola, is a nutty teff granola. At the 2018 Making It In Michigan event, they won the Next SKU Is You award.


Total Food Package

Total Food Package provides a variety of food grade blending and packaging processes for dry products. Total Food Package processes, blends, and packages a variety of different items, including organic sugar floss for cotton candy, a food contact filter media for cooking oil, flavored sugars, salt, and many different spice and salt blends. Co-owner, Meggan McCaughan, will be speaking at the Working with a Co-packer session.



Harwood Gold

Harwood Gold is a fifth-generation owned maple syrup farm. They make pure maple syrup, as well as gourmet made-with-maple sauces, spreads, preserves, granola and mixes. All of their products are sweetened only with pure maple syrup.


Hip Syrups

Hip Syrups’ process results in the small batch gourmet craft syrups that their customers know and love.

Hip Syrups are perfect to add a unique flavor to any beverage, dessert, ice cream, coffee, shakes, and even more. The recipes and potential for Hips Syrups are endless! They hope you enjoy these craft syrups as much as they enjoy crafting them!


HoneyTree, Inc.

HoneyTree, Inc. is a Michigan based processor and suppler of honey, agave and molasses. They are the only True Source Certified honey supplier in the state. We supply both retail and foodservice/industrial partners with branded, private label and bulk natural sweeteners.


Michigan Maple Farms

At Michigan Maple Farms, they work hard to bring you the best certified organic maple syrup as well as naturally harvested and artisan maple products. You can find that unique Michigan Maple Syrup taste in just about all of their products from the maple cream on baked goods to the maple BBQ sauce on pulled pork. Find all your new favorites today and know that their products are free of high fructose corn syrup!



Homezone Improvements

HomeZone Improvements is Michigan's choice when it comes to energy efficient windows, siding, roofing, doors and insulation. They offer free no obligation estimates, and all products are made in Michigan and are very energy efficient.



Allen Neighborhood Center

Allen Neighborhood Center is a place-based organization that serves as a hub for neighborhood revitalization and for activities that promote the health and well-being of Lansing’s Eastside community and other stakeholders. The center is also home to an incubator kitchen.


Can-Do Kitchen

Can-Do Kitchen is a non-profit food business incubator in Kalamazoo, MI. Starting a food business is intense and complex and takes perseverance. Doing it with the Can-Do Kitchen takes some of the stress out of the process. They can show you a roadmap and help you develop reasonable goals. They know the regulations you will face and are there to support you along the way. Can-Do Camp, startup support meetings, resource guides, connections in the industry, food safety guidance – this is how they support food entrepreneurs like you.


Flint Food Works

Flint Food Works is a unique venture in Genesee County with the goal of providing a facility for food-based businesses to establish a product, perfect their recipe, and develop a business model that  will help them grow. As a culinary business incubator their mission is to help entrepreneurs get off the ground floor and literally take a product from the field to the market.


Harrison City Market

The Harrison City Market is a Four Season Farmers Market, a Commercial Kitchen and a Retail Incubator.  The kitchen is available to rent hourly or by the month.  It is fully equipped with commercial equipment.  The retail incubator accommodates entrepreneurs who want to start a business.  Affordable space with business development coaching is available.  Food related companies are encouraged to utilize the kitchen to produce a product and set up their business in the incubator.


Kitchen 242

Kitchen 242 is a commercial kitchen in downtown Muskegon located at the Muskegon Farmers Market on Western Avenue. The kitchen provides a rent-able facility for food business entrepreneurs to prepare their products in a commercial kitchen. Community kitchen space is also available where cooking classes and culinary events can be held. We will showcase several of products from makers that are currently using our commercial kitchen incubator space.  490 Bakery will showcase their gourmet cookies and their business model, and What's Your Jam will showcase their gourmet jams which are not your typical type jams.


Proud Mitten Shared Kitchen

Michigan Entrepreneurs are flourishing in the local food industry. Proud Mitten Shared Kitchen and Bakery offers space for those that want to sell to retail/wholesale establishments. We support our local food system and want to help launch and grow your business.


Rising Stars Academy

Rising Stars Academy is a school for students ages 18-26 with special needs. We provide a unique curriculum, rooted in the culinary arts, that promotes education, hands-on experience, and personal growth that will help to get our students to be gainfully employed in the future. Products created at the school include bakery items and value-added, processed vegetables.



Cooper Family Spreads

While perfecting the recipes over the years, the Cooper's strive for continual improvement of their down-to-earth classics. Pots on the stove have turned into gas-fired, steam jacketed soup kettles in order to produce larger quantities to serve both the hometown grocers and the larger chains. The berries used are sourced only from Michigan processors. They offer 4 sugar-free jams, 5 pepper jams, and 6 regular and can be found at local grocery stores.


Gus & Grey

Awesome jam, preserves and mustard made in the heart of Detroit's historic Eastern Market. We use local products whenever possible, and make only small batches to ensure perfection. More Fruit. Less Sugar. Made by hand, not machines.


Jammin' With Marguerite

Jammin' With Marguerite makes unique, delicious, artisan jams, jellies and marmalade’s that are good for you. Each small batch has been created, developed and prepared by Marguerite. The ingredients used are for the most part locally grown, and organic whenever possible. Most varieties are very low or have no added sugar. Customers are never disappointed, we guarantee it.


Lehmans Orchard

Lehman’s Orchard in Niles, MI produces a variety of products made from their own fruit grown on their farm. These products include value added jams, salsas, wines, ciders, and more.


Radtke Farms

Radtke Farms is located in the rich southwest Michigan fruit belt. They offer small batch jams, jellies, and butters made from grandma's recipes. They offer traditional jams, jellies, and butters using sugar as well as natural sweetened using white grape juice. Come taste the difference!



Argent Tape & Label

Argent Tape and Label is a manufacturer of customized pressure sensitive adhesive labels and tags. They’re a small, tight-knit company and they’re very attached to their customers.


Artex Label & Graphics

Artex provides custom labels for pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, cleaning products, educational products, promotional stickers and more. They manufacture pressure sensitive labels and stickers, which will be displayed at the trade show.


Great Lakes Proud

They created and sell the iconic Great Lakes decal which is a great point of purchase items for all vendors. They do NCAA licensed products as well as private labeled product for a variety of brands including Biggby Coffee, Wholefoods, Blake's Hard Cider, and Mitten Crate. 15% of their profits are donated back to Great Lakes conservation.



Big O’ Smokehouse

Big O’ Smokehouse specializes in smoked fish, including smoked salmon fillet, salmon jerky, whitefish, lake trout, and Cisco. They currently offer wholesale on all of their fish products. They also produce jerky and sausages.


Lee's Market Jerky

Lee's Market is Southeastern Michigan based jerky company. They provide handcrafted, high quality jerky products.


ManSharePig, LLC dba Salt & Fire

Salt & Fire started as an idea that charcuterie products can be made with the same love and artistry found in old-world markets but with a modernized flavor profile. Sausages/Brats come in a variety flavors (Vietnamese, Jamaican, Merguez, Southwestern, Hungarian, Italian, South African-Boerewors). Sausages/Brats are packed in 1.25 lb, 5 link trays, UPC coded, and ready for retail.  Products have been sales tested at farmers markets throughout the summer.


Michigan Brand Inc.

Michigan Brand, Inc., a USDA inspected operation, has been in business since 1994.  They make various types of meat products; hams, snack sticks, hunter sticks,fresh and shelf stable jerky, hickory stick, brats, wild game sticks, wild game hickory sticks, wild game snack sticks.


Saad Wholesale Meats

Saad Wholesale Meats is recognized as the largest halal meat provider in the Midwest. In addition to the wholesale meats, Saad’s has a Sharifa Halal line that includes from lunch meat, hot dogs, salami, chicken patties, hamburger patties, chicken nuggets, chicken strips, turkey bacon, beef bacon and hickory smoked bacon, turkey Toms, beef snack sticks, knockwurst and smoky links.


Siren Hall

Michael P's Specialty foods has a line of grain and bean burgers that are gluten free, soy free and nut free. They offer Chipotle Black bean, Indian Curry and Breakfast Sausage.




BPI offers comprehensive services for packaging project designs, complete turnkey systems, layout and integration of equipment, installation assistance, training, and fast and efficient shipping of common parts.


DC Norris North America LLC

DC Norris has manufactured some of the largest food processing plants around the world and has earned a reputation for innovation, quality, and true partnership. For more than 45 years, DC Norris has led the globe in food processing equipment, such as semi-automatic can opening machinery. That time in the industry allows us to truly partner with and assist our clients through the process of designing, implementing, and installing processing systems that transform their businesses by resolving efficiency, safety, and yield challenges.


Michigan Box Company

A dedicated, independent supplier of corrugated packaging products serving the Midwest and beyond. If you're looking for a packaging partner, they are the right place.


MJS Packaging

MJS Packaging is more than a Distributor/Manufacturer of glass and plastic containers; such as bottles, jars, jugs, vials, tubes and pails. They’re a complete packaging solutions provider. Products consist of flexible packaging and a variety of closures including dispensers, droppers, sprayers, child-resistant, tamper-resistant, cork lids and brushes. Products are available in a wide range of colors and sizes. The services they provide include package consulting, custom package engineering, brand identity and a variety of package decorating options. They also offer assistance with labels, filling, fluorination, bottle washing and sterilization. MJS Packaging is your one stop packaging solutions provider.


Plascon Group

Plascon Group specializes in plastic packaging for the food service, institutional, pharmaceutical and bulk packaging industries. They manufacture biodegradable bags and bin liners for packaging, Cook-Chill Systems for soups, chowders, sauces, gravies, chili, stews, casseroles, pasta dishes, and pizza toppings, and Saftea® ice tea urn liners that eliminate the daily cleaning of your metal ice tea decanters.


Vivio's Artisan Gluten-Free

Vivio's Artisan Gluten-Free is a dedicated gluten-free wholesale food production facility specializing in small to medium size production runs with a variety of manufacturing and packaging solutions.



Fur Pawz

Fur Pawz is your destination for the best Michigan-made dehydrated dog treats. Products are all natural, contain no fillers or preservatives, no MSGs and are human grade. Treats are made with the best grade of ingredients. Their treat line up includes chicken jerky, chicken tiny tots, turkey tiny tots, and Abbey Pawz Peanut Butter cookies. Coming soon will be liver tiny tots.



Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc

Fresh Organic Mushrooms


Nature Blessed

Nature Blessed has proudly provided the food industry with the highest quality of frozen fruits, vegetables, juices, and tart cherry juice concentrates for over 30 years. They provide flexible solutions for your frozen food and juice concentrate sourcing and can handle any of your ‘private label’ needs.



Planted is a vertical hydroponic farm on Detroit’s East Side. They grow sustainable food that fuels their communities. This includes herbs, microgreens and baby greens. Changing the way Detroiters access fresh, local produce is what Planted is all about.


Revolution Farms

Revolution Farms is an 85,000 sq.ft indoor greenhouse facility with the capacity to produce more than 350,000 pounds of ultra-fresh lettuce annually for Michigan and the Midwest. Their packaged lettuce goes from farm to store in 1-3 days, compared to the 7-10 days it takes leading competitors, providing a fresher local option. Revolution Farms produces four fresh green salad mixes: Beautiful Bibb, Original Salad Mix, Garden Greens (three-green variety) and Robust Romaine. They use a revolutionary closed-loop system, which makes their lettuce much less susceptible to contamination than most salad mixes. By always harvesting at its peak of growth, and packaging on-site, Revolution Farms can distribute lettuce to stores in a matter of hours, which means consumers receive fresher, healthier fresh greens.



2 Dogs Hot Sauce

2 Dogs Hot Sauce is a local to Michigan Hot Sauce company that operates entirely in Michigan and looks to provide great tasting sauces with a good amount of heat. They don't overdue the heat just to have a spicy sauce. Try one of their sauces and let them know what you think. They think you will be glad you did!



Amapolas’s sofrito is gluten free and completely vegan. It is a Puerto Rican cooking base that can be use with rice, meats and vegetables.


Black Sheep Gastronomy

Black Sheep Gastronomy was developed with one goal in mind, to deliver handcrafted products of the highest quality. Aged to perfection, their 30 Day, Oak Barrel Aged, Worcestershire sauce has a unique flavor and can be paired with surf, turf or just about anything else.


BLIS Gourmet

BLIS was founded in 2004 by Michigan Chef Steven Stallard. The BLiS Gourmet line consists of bourbon barrel aged sauces and wild caught domestic roes handcrafted in Grand Rapids. Products consist of Blast Hot Pepper Sauce, Blast Steak Sauce, BLIS Barrel-Aged Fish Sauce, BLIS Bourbon Barrel Matured Maple Syrup, BLIS Tahitian Vanilla Infused Maple Syrup, and BLIS B Grade Michigan Maple Syrup. All products are made in Michigan.


Blue Kuna Industries LLC

They have four crafted BBQ sauces that are Michigan themed and two are made with Michigan ingredients. All four sauces are gluten free, high fructose free, and preservative free. They are all natural and have a great local customer base in Oakland County. There are also four spice rubs that are Michigan themed and one has Michigan Bold Coffee Co. coffee as an ingredient . Spice rubs are also all natural and have no fillers or preservatives.


Byron Center Meats

Byron Center Meats carries a full line of meats including beef, pork, poultry, seafood and lamb. Looking for  local, grassfed, all natural or organic beef? They have it. The store also carries including fruits, vegetables, milk, salads, cheese, and desserts.  Don’t forget the seasonings, sauces, and marinades to make your recipes unforgettable.


Colleen’s Foods LLC

Colleen’s Foods has a product called Colleen’s Irish Mustard. It’s an old family recipe migrated from Ireland in the 1800s, that they’ve enjoyed their whole life and decided to let the rest of the world enjoy as well. They have an Original Flavor known for being sweet and tangy; and a Pepper Medley Flavor that is has a spicy kick. Their product is made in Warren, Michigan and is gluten free. Colleen’s Foods LLC is a Veteran Owned Company.


Crazy Joes Enterprises

Crazy Joes is a producer of farm fresh products to be sold fresh in stores.  They currently have salsas, pico de Gallo, dips and other fresh products for resale and bulk commissary.


Dafter Farms, LLC.  Aunt Lillian Mustard

Aunt Lillian started making her homemade Mustard in the 1940's. She shared her Mustard, but not her recipe. And now she’s sharing it with YOU to enjoy!


drench, LLC

drench makes a variety of dressings and marinades. Flavors include citrus honey vinaigrette & marinade, Mediterranean lemon dressing & marinade, and balsamic fig vinaigrette & marinade. Dressings are made with all natural, clean ingredients without the use of any refined sugars, artificial preservatives or colors.


Giovanni's Appetizing Foods

They offer Giovanni's USDA Organic Tomato Paste in 4.5 oz Tubes.


Hantoon's Munny

Hantoon's Munny is a step above the best Honey Mustard.  It's so good that they call it Munny - Mustard & Honey.  This addictive sauce will give you just a little bit of kick and a whole lot of flavor.  They aren't kidding when they say it is addictive.  You will keep coming back for more Munny.


Hell Fire Detroit

This hot sauce isn't your average tinted-vinegar type. This hot sauce respects the purity and character of each chile pepper. Some earthy, some fruity, some smoky. Some deliver a pleasant sting while others whoop your aspirations. Fire-roasted in micro-batches with love. Give it a go with any food or drink you want to make richer, deeper, tastier or hotter. Chile peppers have plenty of health benefits too! More foods and collaborations are brewing. Let's have fun, simplify, and share the purest food possible! Hell Fire Detroit offers fire-roasted Artisan Hot Sauce recently featured on Season 9 of Hot Ones!!!


Just Add Tomatoes LLC

Just Add Tomatoes Seasoning Mix is an Italian style, pre-measured, season blend that can be used to improve the taste of any dish.  It is also conveniently packaged so that you can make an amazing marinara/pizza sauce by combining the packet with a 28oz can of CRUSHED TOMATOES!  Dinner has never been easier!  The dry mix can be used as a flavor enhancer by just simply sprinkling on top of pizza, salads, and even popcorn. They now have a 8oz shaker container of their seasoning mix so that the customers can easily adjust the amount of seasoning they use in their meals.


Lesley Elizabeth Inc.

Lesley Elizabeth’s products include more than 20 varieties of versatile, seasoned oils for sauteing, basting, marinades and other oil applications. Other items include seasoning blends to enhance any kitchen with unique, quick and simple seasoning options, seasoned salts, fruit balsamic vinegar and fruit flavored sugars as well as our new savory sugars. All of our products are certified kosher by Kosher Michigan, Vegetarian, Vegan and all-natural. We have a vast selection of products that are fully planted based as well.


Mama Trio LLC

It’s a sauce, it’s a dip, and it’s a marinade. They have both hot and mild options, made with habanero pepper.


Merit Sales Corporation

Merit Sales Corporation is a food broker, efficiently and profitably marketing and selling products, providing service, and improving themselves to fit the needs of their customers and principals. They will be showing their Niki’s Salad Dressings.


Michigan Salted, LLC

M SALT is a blend of Sea Salt, Garlic Salt and Black Pepper mixed to perfection.  M SALT is perfect on most foods.  Use with your favorite recipes to POP the flavor or simply on everything you use salt on.   M SALT takes you from Breakfast to Dinner.  It's LOVE at First Bite.  M SALT is a CLEAN product.  M SALT is Certified Kosher, GF, Non GMO and No MSG.


Mrs. Dog's Products LLC

Mrs. Dog's product line consists of sauces and seasonings that delight the senses and remind us of far away places.


Mrs. Pruitt's Gourmet CHA CHA

Mrs. Pruitt's Gourmet CHA CHA is a family recipe dating back to the early 1830's.  It is a relish, condiment, sauce. It's all vegetables, gluten free and vegan friendly.  They source some of their vegetables from local farmers. It comes in Mild, Hot, Motor City Heat, Turbo Heat and Super Charge.


Red'z Mauldin Marketing

Red's Bulgogi BBQ-Marinade is a Korean inspired Yooper (Upper Michigan) style new wave of flavor. Great on any meats, vegetables, rice or anything you can.


Saddleback BBQ LLC

They will be showing their two most popular bbq sauces. A Michigan Mustard sauce and a Sweet & Savory BBQ Sauce. Both of these products are results of Successful Kickstarter campaign they ran earlier this year. They called out to the community to support them if they'd like to see these products in the retail world. They were lucky enough to raise over $16,000, and since then, they've been put on the shelves of over 40 retail locations.


The Italian Cooks

The Italian Cooks has a line of pasta sauces. Originally inspired by "Grandma T’s homemade sauce", they honor her memory by bringing true flavors of Italian cooking to your kitchen with our homemade pasta sauces that are slow-cooked to perfection in small batches. Their mission is to maintain the traditions of old school Italian cooking without sacrificing ingredient quality or flavor. Pasta sauces include: Tomato & Basil, Vodka, Arrabbiata and Palomino. They also offer gluten free, vegan options that are low in sugar and sodium.


The Marks Trading Company

The Marks Trading Company was created from a love for food and a desire for quality products. Their wish for products without fillers or additives has led them to source wholesome, high quality herbs and spices. Their goal is to make your cooking adventure fun, fast, and flavorful.


Teta Foods

We manufacture Mediterranean dressings, marinades, and spreads.  Use our mouth-watering and low-calorie Fattoush salad dressing to pour over a fresh cut salad. Just add chicken, beef, or lamb to our savory Shawarma or Tawook marinades to experience meal to remember. Experience the flavors of our gourmet products found..."in a bottle!"


Norma G’s Detroit

Norma G’s Detroit is producing a sauce that is not just heat, but has flavor.  This pepper sauce can be used as a condiment, or for seasoning in many dishes.


Pete's Marinades, Rubs, and Sauces LLC

Pete’s products are unique to Michigan because they are the only ones making Jamaican-inspired jerk products for meats, poultry , fish, vegetables, and more in Michigan. Jerk is an incredible and technical way of cooking, and Pete's Big Jerk is bringing it to Michigan. Products include Pete's Big Jerk BBQ Sauce Spicy, Pete's Big Jerk BBQ Sauce Mild, Nashville Fire Hot Sauce, and Pete's Big Jerk Marinade.


Rozie's Foods

It was the year 2000. Early summer. Rozie has always had big gardens, but that year she wondered how it would taste if she put her favorite vegetables together in a blender. She tried it. She liked it! She shared it with family and friends and they liked it too. Rozie has been making her secret topping since then and decided it was time to share it with the world. She named her vegetable blend "RelSa" and created a hot and mild version. You can enjoy your favorite variety by purchasing through the online store or at your local grocery.


Scotty O'Hotty Gourmet

Michigan's most awarded condiment, Scotty O'Hotty hot sauces and salsas. They will be launching a whole new product line at this year’s conference. Stay tuned!



BRITE bites

BRITE bites™  is an all-natural probiotic snack bite company, which stands true to its core values of Balanced. Real. Integrity. Trust. Energy. Their first product line includes The Original Bite, Cocoa Bite, and Super Bite. BRITE bites™ are a wholesome, superfood snack bites which contain organic chia, flax,  and pumpkin seeds as well as a probiotic. They differentiate themselves from other brands on the market by offering a shelf-stable probiotic in our bites. Probiotics are live bacteria that are healthy for your gut. Each bite contains 1 billion CFUs of Live Probiotics and supports the digestive and immune systems*. *(As part of balanced diet + healthy lifestyle).


Dutch Treat Foods

Dutch Treat Foods produces a variety of fresh food products for customers throughout Michigan and the midwest including salsa, deli salads, dips, and baked items. They also offer private label and co-packing services with flexible minimum quantities.


Food For Thought

Food For Thought: THINK ABOUT IT! Intentional ingredients. Fair trade sugar. Priority on local sourcing. Low sugar recipes. Healthy, clean-label Organic and Truly Natural artisanal products – made in Traverse City, Michigan with love and commitment to Michigan farmers, their employees and you!


Fusion Gourmet Foods Llc

Fusion Gourmet Foods developed an interest in the sesame seed when they noticed that all of the available sesame products on the market were filled with high fructose corn syrup and other artificial ingredients, masking the nutritional benefits and delicate flavor of the seed. They set out to create a delicious snack that would capture the full flavor of the sesame seed while preserving it's nutritional value. In 2014, SESAME² was born. Their products include Sesame Squares and Fine Belgian Chocolate products, made with Michigan raw honey and raw sugar (Turbinado). These healthy snack/energy bars that are free from high fructose corn syrup and preservatives.


Great Lakes Pickling Company

Great Lakes Pickling Company is a family run company that creates all-natural pickles and DIY pickle pouches. Their hand-packed pickles are all-natural, vegan friendly and low in sodium. Their new and easy to use DIY "Take It and Make It" pickling pouch allows you to make your own pickled veggies at home in 3 easy steps!


Hippie’s Chippies

Their product is a sweet and savory tortilla chip called Hippie' Chippies.  Their first production run was July 29, 2019 and they are currently in 130+ locations and 9 states.



Koeze Co, Established in 1910 is a manufacturer and distributor of their Cream Nut Peanut Butter and Cream Nut Chocolate Clusters.  Made in Grand Rapids, these items can be found at retailers all across the state.  Showing today is their Cream Nut smooth and crunching  peanut butter and their Sweet Ella's organic smooth and crunchy peanut butter.  In addition, they will be sharing their 5oz boxes of their Cream Nut Chocolate Clusters, a treat unlike anything you've ever tasted.


Little Diablo Salsa

Little Diablo Salsa has a full line of palate tempting salsas. Their vegetarian salsas begin with only the freshest ingredients like vine ripened tomatoes, crisp onions, fresh basil and vibrant peppers. From the Original Mild  to the "Double Diablo", their hottest, they are sure you will find a favorite to call your own. Their salsas are chemical free, preservative free, gluten free with no additional sugars or thickeners. Each jar of Little Diablo Salsa contains only fresh vegetables, seasonings and a little bit of magic.


Manos Authentic LLC

From the fertile valleys of the Middle East to restaurants in Metro Detroit, our family has been serving our traditional recipes for multiple generations. Our signature blends are made from only the finest ingredients and are carefully sourced to ensure freshness. Manos Authentic offers thin crust pita strips and thin crust pita to retailers and food service partners.


Marcia’s Pickled Munchies

Marcia's brings you American food classics in heirloom fashion. Marcia chooses the ingredients for her all-natural, pickled vegetables in conjunction with Michigan State University's Culinary Service and Community Partners Program, which insures that farmers provide fresh, local and all-natural produce. Each Marcia’s Munchies product is a high-quality, irresistible delight. Enjoy!


M & R Ventures, Inc

At M & R Ventures, they pair the power of tradition and with culinary creativity to bring out the best in food. They are a team of ex-restauranteurs passionate about bringing people together through food. With over 20 years in the restaurant and food distribution industry, their team took on a new challenge: to satisfy their own palates by bringing unique Indian-origin food products with globally-influenced twists to consumer kitchens. Products they offer are bleaf natural chutneys and poplettes.


Old World Style Almonds, Inc.

They specialize in the manufacture and distribution of Cinnamon Roasted Nuts and other gourmet snacks.


Pop Daddy Popcorn

These are BOLD snacks.  Made with BIG heart.  They don’t crack under pressure.  They pop.  At Pop Daddy they work hard and they’re happy to do it because it means making snacks for people like you.  To them, popcorn is more than a crunchy snack.  It’s a family business, a local staple, a  place where people take pride in what they do.  That’s why they take the time to hand season and seal every single bag of Pop Daddy Snacks.  Its a difference you can taste. Their products are made with ruby red popcorn kernels sourced from family farms. NO PRESERVATIVES, NO ARTIFIVIAL FLAVORS, NO ADDITIVES, GLUTEN FREE, NON-GMO, POPPED IN PURE OLIVE OIL


Stuffed Gourmet Pretzels

Hand crafted pretzels and pretzel chips, so good it is not just a pretzel but an experience. To bring you the freshest quality possible they use locally grown ingredients from right here in Michigan.


Sweet Thoughts LLC

Sweet Krispy Chips are a bite size chip made with toasted flaxseeds, chia seeds, almonds and honey.

They are irresistibly crunchy and offer a balanced sweet and nutty flavor. They are filled with omega 3, fiber and protein and are the perfect nutritional snack for your healthy lifestyle.


Why Bars

Why Bars start with simple and wholesome ingredients that satisfy the body, the mind and the spirit. They combine them to create a bar that’s packed with nutrition and full of flavor — truly the best tasting and most fulfilling energy bar on Earth! Their bars are ideal for busy families who are looking for healthier snacks to support their active lifestyles.



4th Avenue Sweets LLC

Whether it’s an anniversary, wedding, or party...4th Avenue Sweets can provide an unforgettable custom creation just for you. Their Custom Cakes, Cake Bites, and Confections are sure to be a crowd stopper. Their specialty flavors have been specially crafted to compliment their wedding cakes and the artistry they provide is unsurpassed.


Amethyst Bee Cakery

Creatively decorated sweet treats for both humans and their furry friends - including cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, and cookies.


BakeTreats, Inc.

BakedTreats goods include cookies, banana cakes, cornbread, carrot cake, brownies, and cookie bars.


Browndog Creamery

Browndog Creamery is a micro-creamery specializing in small batch artisan ice cream. Their Michigan made ice cream is hand-made and locally sourced. Their flavors are chef inspired, with new ones being released each month.


Cookies On Call

From traditional to deliciously decadent. Made from scratch using only premium ingredients: 100% fresh creamy butter, pure extracts and special spices surround hand cut chunks of the most excellent combination of dark & semi-sweet chocolate to create a truly regal cookie. Each cookie is hand weighed... hand rolled then baked to perfection. The "Circle of Doneness" on the bottom of each cookie, is Cookies On Call’s signature guarantee that your cookie meets their standard of excellence before it leaves their door on its way to you.


Dave's Sweet Tooth LLC

They keep it simple. Fancy is too complicated. Real butter, real sugar, real milk chocolate, and hand sliced almonds prepared with love, one batch at a time, every time. Consistency is the key to their recipe. They don't stockpile their ingredients. They purchase them according to order size to ensure freshness and maintain taste integrity. They have never had an unsatisfied customer, and they refuse to skip the small steps in order to keep it that way. Maybe a bit old fashioned, but they do not use machines, microwaves, or assembly lines to produce their toffee. Dave's Sweet Tooth is and always will be; Hand Made. Homemade. Michigan Made.


Ethel's Baking Company

Decadence, made the old-fashioned way, like grandma.  Baked with natural, premium ingredients, hand crafted and loved by all.  Their goodness is fresh baked in their certified and dedicated gluten-free facility! One taste and your hooked.


Frosty Products

From their beginnings, operating a single location at Somerset Mall in Troy, Michigan, they have grown to enjoy product sales to thousands of locations throughout the United States. With several varieties of frozen yogurt mix products, frozen custard mix, smoothie and shake mixes, along with Certified Vegan soft served mixes and a variety of non-dairy fruit based frozen dessert mix products, they offer a total mix product package designed to build repeat customers.


Good Life Naturals

Born out of the need for better, purer food, Good Life Granola was created. Good Life Naturals Granola comes in Cranberry Cherry, Original, Apple Crisp flavors, and is also available in Nut-Free flavors. Made with all natural ingredients, it is why they say: 'eat what's good!'


Grand Rapids Cheesecake Company

Cheesecakes are what made them famous in West Michigan, and they do them better than anyone else. With a secret recipe perfected over decades, their cheesecakes are made from scratch daily right in Grand Rapids. Always with local, all natural ingredients. Then flash frozen for a taste you will come back for. They have whole cheesecakes, slices and other cheesecake related items.


How Sweet It Is

How Sweet It Is Fudge and Candy Company is a Michigan based company that takes pride in America and providing the most personal service possible. A family owned business that proudly makes delicious fudge and candy for over 25 years!


Ice Box Brand Ice Cream Bars

Ice Box Brand Ice Cream Bars offers hand crafted gourmet ice cream bars made with high quality ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible.


Ice Cream Plant

Ice Cream Plant was born from a quest to make exceptional vegan ice cream for their son and daughter. Everything they make is creamy, delicious, and allergy-friendly– free of dairy, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, eggs, sesame, and corn*. Naturally vegan and hand-packed in the city of Detroit, they source the finest and most sustainable and ethical ingredients. They’re sure you will love their carefully crafted single batch ice cream! It’s Ice Cream For Everyone™!


Kitty’s Cheesecakes & More

Kitty's Cheesecakes & More provides delectable tasting, unique, quality desserts. Their cheesecakes come in many different flavors. Kitty’s also makes cakes, pies and more.  


Lomonaco Sicilian Cookies

These are authentic Sicilian cookies; conceived in Sicily, born in West Michigan. It is a family recipe that has been handed down. These are not crunchy "twice baked" biscotti but soft, melt in your mouth cake-like Italian cookies! Cookie flavors include Spruzzi (Sprinkled), Cucidati (Fig), Sesamo (Sesame), Neopolitano (Three Color), Lustrato (Frosted), Planura (Plain) & Cioccolto (Chocolate).


Straits of Mackinac Island Fudge

Straits of Mackinac Island Fudge not only has fudge, but many other products as well. They include taffy, caramel corn, shea butter, incense, burners, and CBD products.


Town to Town Gourmet Pastries

They offer Cream Horns, Kolacki and various pastries. Pastries are packaged an a 12 count package and a 6 count package. Samples will be available.