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1st Micro Greenery Story

1st Micro Greenery is a MAEAP verified, urban farm, located at the corner of First and Broadway NW, Grand Rapids Michigan. We sell seedlings in a cup.

1st Micro Greenery has developed a product that allows you to pull the entire plant from a cup, ready to eat, roots and all. At the micro green stage the plant has the highest nutritional value and the roots contain as much nutrition as the top of the plant.

We plant organic seeds in raw plant fiber and use purified water. Only using the nutrients from the seed, these living plants are as pure and fresh as it gets. Because they are living plants they do not need to be refrigerated, they only need water to continue to grow.

Micro greens will boost the nutritional value of your food. Mr Micro will boost your mood. We are the home of the Mr Micro DIY kit.

1st Micro Greenery Products

Mr MIcro DIY kit. Developed to teach kids and adults how to grow their own micro greens. Grass hair can be eaten, juiced and used as a treat for pets. Famous for boosting people's moods across the country. A great accessory to brighten your work space. Kit includes everything you need to make one Mr Micro and give him personality.

1st Micro Greenery does not require testing on their products and do not use the 2016 nutritional values. Their products contain GS1 barcodes. The company currently has placement in a few retail establishments across Michigan. 

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1st Micro Greenery Contact Information

Chris Huntoon
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

  • allergen free
  • dairy free
  • grain free
  • gut health
  • high fiber
  • keto
  • kosher
  • low sodium
  • low sugar
  • no artificial colors
  • no artificial sweetener
  • no preservatives
  • no sugar
  • paleo
  • pets
  • plant based
  • produce
  • product center client
  • shelf stable
  • vegan
  • vegetarian