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STOUT Cocktail Co. is a small, independent business based in the Midwest that is passionate about creating flavorful, restaurant-quality cocktail blends and seasonings using the finest, natural ingredients.

2013 - The Hunt for the Perfect Bloody Mary
STOUT started out as a modest blog dedicated to discovering and reviewing the best Bloody Marys around the country. After developing a large online following - and an even larger taste for Bloody Marys - co-founders Jeff and Craig knew exactly what it took to create the perfect Bloody Mary blend.

2017 - Crafting the Perfect Recipe
Jeff felt that the bottled cocktail blends available at supermarkets didn’t live up to the bar and restaurant experience. After talking to countless bartenders and restaurant owners, Jeff teamed up with his longtime friend Craig to create a unique recipe that packed a little punch, a touch of smokiness, and a lot of flavor - and STOUT Bloody Mary Blend was born.

Made with over 30 ingredients, all vegan and gluten free, STOUT Bloody Mary Blend offers the perfect Bloody Mary experience straight from the bottle - there’s no need to jazz it up with Worchester sauce or horseradish.

2017- STOUT Goes National
With Craig’s experience working with consumer goods brands, they were able to develop a product that could be bottled and delivered to homes and supermarkets across the country, without using any preservatives or sacrificing the unique, incredible flavor. In no time, STOUT Bloody Mary Blend was being sold in 30 different states at over 750 locations.

2021 - Beyond the Bloody Mary
Building off of the success of the award-winning STOUT Bloody Mary Blend, STOUT Cocktail Co. has now expanded to offer a handcrafted, ready-to-mix Margarita Blend and a Signature Seasoning Blend.

Dobis Worldwide LLC Products

STOUT Bloody Mary Blend - Part tomato, part umami goodness - our award-winning Bloody Mary Blend is sure to become a staple at your brunch affairs. This signature blend of over thirty ingredients delivers just the right amount of spice and smoky flavor for a savory experience that will take your cocktails to another level.

STOUT Margarita Blend - Your search for the perfect, handcrafted, ready-to-mix margarita blend is over. STOUT Margarita Blend boasts bold, all-natural grapefruit and lime flavors, complemented with our signature smokiness and just a touch of heat. With STOUT, you can enjoy restaurant-quality margaritas from the comfort of home.

STOUT All Purpose Seasoning Blend - Elevate your cocktails with STOUT's signature seasoning blend. Crafted using a mix of lime, chipotle, and our distinct, savory smoke, this seasoning delivers an irresistible flavor profile perfect for rimming a cocktail glass or enhancing your cooking.

The company has completed all necessary tests on their products and use the 2016 nutritional values. Their products contain GS1 barcodes. The company currently has placement in many retail establishments across Michigan and works with a few distributors.

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Craig Phillips
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301

  • beverages
  • clean label
  • dairy free
  • low sugar
  • no artificial colors
  • no artificial sweetener
  • no preservatives
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