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Gaskill Family Farm Story

In 2014, we had plans for a U-Pick operation, but family and farm obligations prevented that, so needing an outlet for our excess fruit, we began making jams under the Michigan Cottage Law. We built a customer base over time and the jams diversified us, allowing for financial survival during years when weather and pests devastated our crops and caring for elderly parents limited our ability to be fully engaged in the farming operation.  In October of 2019, having a local kitchen to rent and some warehouse space at the farm, we obtained our commercial license and began a rebranding process.  This enabled us to place our products for sale online and in stores.  We have products in two local bakeries (which also use our products in their creations) and one high-end grocery subsidiary of the Meijer chain, Capital City Market in Lansing.   We also supply several year-round and seasonal farmer's markets that service southeast Michigan and northwest Ohio.  To help increase our footprint this past year, we introduced two hoop houses and a greenhouse and began growing microgreens.  We also repackage local popcorn and honey, which we either do not produce ourselves, or don't produce enough of (We do have a few hives, but not enough to meet demand).  These have been very popular with our customers.  We greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and show you our award-winning jams!

Gaskill Family Farm Products

We have 15 flavors of jam/preserves which we will be making available.  We do have the standard jams, such as strawberry, blackberry and raspberry, but we also make a number of mixes, such as Caramel Apple (great on ice cream!) and Raspberry Peach (can you taste it on your crepes?).  Our Spiced Pear jam draws the comment, "This tastes like Fall!" but it is in demand all year long and makes a great hors d'oeuvre ingredient.  We keep the skins on the apples and pears to create a flavorful and nutritious texture and we keep the sugar content low to enhance the natural fruit flavor, rather than cover it up.  You'll love the experience as our jams take you back to the good old days!

We try to source as locally as possible.  As we have grown, we are developing new sources for fruits we cannot supply ourselves.  If we can get it close to home (Milan, MI), we do.  If not, we try to keep it Michigan or Ohio grown and if that is not available we aim for USA grown products.  Seldom do we have to source outside the country.

We only have bar codes for 10 of the jams at this point, but can obtain and assign the rest quickly.  We are not large enough yet to need the nutritional values.  That is a "next step" as we grow. They are currently connected with a few retailers but handle distribution personally.

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Rick and Val Gaskill
Milan, MI 48160 


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