GingeRx Story

We’re Mike and Stacy - wellness warriors, environmental enthusiasts, and awkward best friends. We make 100% organic juice shots for your immunity, energy, and vitality; or maybe for healing after the shots you had last night.  Our juicing expertise and love of ginger began over a decade ago when we opened our first juice bar. In 2018 we created GingeRx as an alternative to functional shots on the market that are full of junk or require refrigeration. Because big change starts small, we focused purely on health and convenience. This means every bottle of GingeRx is shelf-stable, and every ingredient used has been grown for goodness. We don’t mess with things like additives, preservatives or caffeine, and we can go anywhere and everywhere with you in a purse, briefcase, or Fanny pack. 


GingeRx Products

GingeRx is an organic ginger shot crafted to ignite your soul. We squeeze the finest fresh fruit with a blend of organic ginger root free from GMO’s, additives or preservatives. The results are sweet and tangy shots with a little kick. They will awaken your senses to keep your mind and body strong. Conquer From Within!


Organic, shelf stable energy wellness shots made from 100% juice.


The company has completed all necessary tests on their products and use the 2016 nutritional values. Their products contain GS1 barcodes. The company currently has placement in 247 Meijer stores, SpartanNash locations, and many other retail establishments throughout the Midwest. They work with several distributors including KeHE, Sysco and Carmela Foods.


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GingeRx Contact Information

Stacy Orosz
Hart, MI 49420

  • allergen free
  • beverages
  • certified organic
  • dairy free
  • grain free
  • gut health
  • low sugar
  • no artificial colors
  • no artificial sweetener
  • no preservatives
  • plant based
  • produce
  • product center client
  • shelf stable
  • snacks
  • vegan
  • vegetarian
  • women owned