Hantoon's Munny


Hantoon's Munny Story

Hantoon's Munny is the world's best mustard and honey sauce launched in March of 2019. A locals favorite in Port Huron, Michigan, Munny has the best all natural ingredients. So fresh in fact that sometimes you will have to shake the jar up to make it look as good as it tastes.

Munny will give you a little kick but not too much. It leaves your tongue tingling for more as you double down on burgers, brats, brisket, chicken, wings, fries, pasta, eggs... Munny goes on so much it's hard to choose. Just put it on everything! Your taste buds will thank you.

Hantoon's Munny Products

Hantoon's Munny- original The original recipe of mustard & honey will give you a little kick but not too much. This recipe has been known to convert those who don't like honey mustard into Munny fans! If you enjoy honey mustard, you'll start to put Munny on everything.

Hantoon's Munny- hot The hot version of our mustard & honey is Munny with a big kick of heat. Enjoyed by all who like things on the spicy side.

The company has completed all necessary tests on their products and use the 2016 nutritional values. Their products contain GS1 barcodes. The company currently has placement in retail establishments across Michigan and works with several distributors.

More Product Information

Hantoon's Munny Contact Information

Mark Hanton
Kimball, MI 48074

  • canned
  • dairy free
  • no artificial colors
  • no artificial sweetener
  • no preservatives
  • product center client
  • shelf stable
  • women owned