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Little Diablo Salsa Story

My wife Stacy and I are both foodies with a passion for great tasting, healthy food. We both love salsa and struggled to find one we liked in the stores, as they usually contained chemicals, preservatives, added sugars and thickeners. Having a culinary background Stacy said “you’re the chef, make your own”. So I did, and we started canning our all-natural salsa for personal consumption and shared it with our family and friends - and everyone loved it. In 2011 we formed our company and investigated having our recipe made professionally by a manufacturer. This proposed a problem because we wanted it produced without chemicals or preservatives and still be shelf-stable.

The manufacturer pushed back and said it would be “easier” to add preservatives and stabilizers, as well as a thickener, to make it “cheaper”. Stacy and I didn’t want “easy” or “cheap,” we wanted great! So we pushed back harder and eventually got our way. It was at this point we decided to put both our names on the jar as our personal guarantee of the highest standards for taste and quality. We also registered our phrase “If you didn’t know it came out of a jar, you wouldn’t know it came out of a jar”.®

Now we needed a name for our salsa, which was easy! Growing up, my mother used to call me her “little devil” so putting a Spanish twist to the name and to honor my mother, “Little Diablo Salsa” was born. We then started selling Little Diablo Salsa at farmers’ markets, festivals and fairs with great success. Walking away with numerous awards, Gold Medals and 1st Place trophies came next. Because most of these “wins” were coming from Texas and New Mexico, Stacy and I knew we were on to something.

Today, we continue to create a variety of fresh, enticing and satisfying salsas, with 7 great recipes to choose from. We invite you to try our salsa - we know that with one bite you will be hooked!

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Little Diablo Salsa Products

All seven of our all natural, shelf stable gourmet salsas will be available for view

The company has completed all necessary tests on their products and use the 2016 nutritional values. Their products contain GS1 barcodes. The company currently has placement in a few retail establishments across Michigan and works with several distributors.

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Doug Bering
Brighton, MI 48114

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