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Mabs' Atomic Mustard Story

Mabs’ Atomic Mustard was established in November 2015. After years of following her Swedish grandmother’s tradition by giving this spicy mustard as a gift to family and friends, Andrea Simard is building a business from a four generation, hand written recipe card. “It’s the bomb!”
We focus on producing a unique hot mustard that punches a blast of flavor to grilled meats, sandwiches, and crunchy snacks. Made in small batches with premium mustard flour, its versatile flavor bridges the gap from condiment to dip with ease. Visit our website for retailers and also for recipes like Mabs’ Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Walnuts and Bleu Cheese and Mabs’ Plum Wonderful Chicken. You’ll quickly become a #mabsfanatic, too!
Mabs’ BBQ Sauce and Marinade was introduced in November 2019, and the second member in our condiment family is tangy, not too sweet, and just right for pulled pork and ribs…try it over macaroni and cheese.
Mabs’ Curried Vinaigrette is all the talk since May 2020! This lively dressing featuring Mabs’ mustard, curry, and chili oil is taking over salads, fried rice, goat cheese-stuffed peppers…wow! Addictive!
Coming soon: Mabs’ Peanut Sauce will be the new favorite dipping sauce for egg rolls and air fryer crispy vegetables, and the bomb in noodle salads.

Mabs' Atomic Mustard Products

Mabs' Atomic Mustard, 13 oz squeeze bottle and 32 oz restaurant deli tub
Mabs' BBQ Sauce and Marinade, 19 oz pour bottle and 32 oz restaurant deli tub
Mabs' Curried Vinaigrette, 12 oz pour bottle and 32 oz restaurant deli tub

The company has completed all necessary tests on their products but do not use the 2016 nutritional values. Their products contain GS1 barcodes. The company currently has placement in a few retail establishments across Michigan and self distributes.

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Mabs' Atomic Mustard Contact Information

Petoskey, MI 49770

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