Malamazing Juice Company


Malamazing Juice Company Story

In 2013, when founders Jermale and Anissa Eddie started Malamiah Juice Bar in Grand Rapids, MI they had a product that people loved — fresh squeezed juices — but more than that, they had a vision for what their simple juice bar could mean to the community.

They’ve created a destination that has spread good cheer, great health, and has worked to include those who are traditionally left out of the healthy food equation.

The way that Malamiah operates, the products Malamiah produces, and the community wellness that Malamiah promotes can be summed up in the brand’s unique hashtag – #MALAMAZING

That hashtag provided the perfect name to bridge Malamiah’s origin story with its newest venture of wholesale juice production.

Malamazing Juices can be found in over 6 retail locations (cafe's, hotels and grocery stores) throughout West Michigan, with several more partnerships coming soon.

Malamazing Juice Company Products

Malamazing Juice Company products do not require testing, do not use the 2016 nutritional values and do not contain GS1 barcodes. The company currently does not have placement in retail establishments across Michigan. 

Malamazing Juice Company Contact Information

Jermale Eddie
Grand Rapids, MI 49501

  • minority owned
  • product center client
  • refrigerated