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Northern Elderberry Story

Lori and Karla, mother and daughter business partners, are from Northern Michigan. I'm a registered nurse that worked in ICU. Karla works for Community Mental Health. Our interests have always been natural, healthy living and sharing wellness with others. We started off as a Cottage Food business in 2016. We now are a licensed manufacturer and are in 9 different stores. Northern Elderberry is a founding member of the national Elderberry Trade Association.

Northern Elderberry handcrafts elderberry syrups. We use a vintage recipe for modern times. Staying strong and healthy is important these days. Supporting your consumers health with good nutritional food is vital. That's why our products are made with organic elderberries and herbs, and Michigan raw honey.

We have a rich, ancestral history of foraging the forests and meadows for herbs to make medicines for our families. One of the fruits Karla and I harvest are elderberries to make a winter elderberry elixir. Friends found out about our syrup and wanted to buy some. Soon, our career paths took a turn.

Our family comes from a long line of health conscious people. My great-grandma taught me how to use herbs to heal our bodies. My grandpa (Karla's great grandpa) was a beekeeper near Detroit, Michigan. He kept care of the hives and grandma would help him in the honey house. There were times I'd sit with them at farmers markets and fairs while they sold honey.

The first time Karla and I set up a table at the farmers market, I remembered my grandparents and their honey. I got emotional thinking about how bringing holistic, healthy foods to the community was a generational tradition. They had thick, golden, nectar from the beehives. We have rich dark juice of the elderberry turned into a scrumptious syrup.

It's an honor to bring you quality, natural foods from the earth while supporting you and your consumers to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Northern Elderberry Products

Where "made well" matters! That's why Northern Elderberry handcrafts shelf stable, ready made elderberry syrups using organic ingredients and pure Michigan raw honey. Elderberry syrup is a beneficial superfood that supports a well balanced immune system. Staying strong and healthy is important these days. Supporting your consumers health with good nutritional food is vital.

We use a vintage recipe used for modern times. Three different blends are available to help you promote a healthy lifestyle to your customers:

1. Bare Naked elderberry syrup: is vegan and infant friendly because it does not contain honey.

2. Plus elderberry syrup: A mildly spiced syrup that can be used in everyday cooking or taken off the the spoon.

3. Amped Up elderberry syrup: added herbs high in vitamin c and phenols to provide intense nutritional support.

The company has completed all necessary tests on their products but do not use the 2016 nutritional values. Their products contain GS1 barcodes. The company currently has placement in a few retail establishments across Michigan and works with a few distributors.

Northern Elderberry Contact Information

Traverse City, MI 49684

  • allergen free
  • canned
  • dairy free
  • grain free
  • gut health
  • low sodium
  • plant based
  • shelf stable
  • vegan
  • women owned