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Oh So Cheesy Cheese Company Story

The inspiration for Oh So Cheesy occurred last century where so many ideas are born; around the kitchen table.

Noted Michigan entrepreneur Les Schwarz, his wife Wilma and a few friends were discussing unique food product ideas that would appeal to consumers. The one idea that clicked was the need for a quality cheese spread and who better to create it than Les? After all, he was a successful businessman who certainly knew consumers. So, on a cool Fall Sunday in 1959, Les set out to develop a recipe for an all-natural quality cheese spread.

After weeks of experimenting, he created the near-perfect spread using three simple ingredients: quality cheddar cheese, fresh mayonnaise, and real horseradish. He brought a batch to his brother’s restaurant for the employees to try. It was an instant hit.

For decades that followed, the cheese spread was enjoyed by diners at Schwarz’s Family Restaurants and Schwarz’s Drive-Ins. It was a staple of every meal served as an appetizer with bread and fresh vegetables.

In the mid 1980’s, with consumer tastes and trends changing, Schwarz’s Restaurants closed. Blair Schwarz, Les’ grandson continued producing the cheese spreads selling them to Foodservice and in regional grocery chains in Southwest Michigan. After a decade, with the economy shaky, the company closed its doors.

Fast forward to 2018 where the passion for cheese spreads was never far from Blair’s mind. Add to that the emergence of craft foods and beverages, and the time was right to create and launch a new cheese spread. Blair assembled a like-minded passionate team, secured space in a food incubator in downtown Grand Rapids, MI and created the Oh So Cheesy Cheese Company. New flavor profiles such as Habanero, Beer Cheese and Jalapeno were created and joined the classics such as Cheddar, Smoky Bacon, Crushed Red Pepper and Garlic to meet the tastes consumers demand. Each small batch is carefully crafted by hand with quality, fresh ingredients and some of the finest cheddar cheese as the base.

The results are amazing. Consumers love Oh So Cheesy and can purchase them online as well as at over 125 stores in Michigan, including nearly 80 Meijer stores.

Oh So Cheesy Cheese Company Products

Oh So Cheesy handcrafted cold pack cheese spreads meet the tastes today’s consumers demand. Each of our 8 flavors start with a base of the finest quality cheddar cheese, top-notch mayonnaise and fresh horseradish. Then we add ingredients such as garlic, habanero, red pepper and more to create signature cold pack cheese spreads our consumers crave, love and purchase over and over again. We look forward to creating more flavors to meet the needs of every cheese spread lover.

The Oh So Cheesy Cheese products have had all necessary testing completed and use 2016 nutritional values. The products also feature GS1 barcodes. The Oh So Cheesy Cheese products are available in lower Michigan in several retail locations and the company handles delivery directly.

Oh So Cheesy Cheese Company Contact Information

Blair Schwarz
Holland, MI 49422


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