Montmorency Ballot Language

Background and Summary

MSU Extension is funded by a unique partnership with federal, state, and local governments in order to successfully meet the needs of Michigan communities. Montmorency County government has asked their constituents to fund the county portion of the partnership through a millage on the August 7 ballot.

A YES vote means that the average homeowner will pay less than $12.50 a year in taxes to fund MSU Extension.

A NO vote means that MSU Extension will not receive funding.

Montmorency Ballot Language


Shall the County of Montmorency levy up to .25 mill (25 cents per $1,000.00 of taxable valuation) for a period of six (6) years (2018-2023 inclusive) for the purpose of providing funding for 4-H youth development, agriculture, health and nutrition, horticulture, and other services through Michigan State University Extension within Montmorency County, such millage increase being in excess of the limitations on general ad valorum taxes set forth in Article IX, Section 6 of the Michigan State Constitution (1963).

It is anticipated that this millage would raise one hundred twenty-five thousand, seven hundred fifty dollars ($125,750.00) in the first year.