About Us

Building Capacity for Collaboration


The National Charrette Institute (NCI) is a program within the School of Planning, Design and Construction at Michigan State University that is dedicated to transforming the way people work together by building capacity for collaboration.


The NCI trains and supports professionals and community leaders in the NCI Charrette System—an accelerated, collaborative, design-based process that harnesses the talents and energies of all interested stakeholders to create and support a feasible plan. Through research and publication, NCI continues to bring innovation to the process of transformative collaboration.


Collaborative decision-making that is based on shared values produces holistic solutions. The work of the National Charrette Institute is grounded in four fundamental values:

  • A holistic solution requires a holistic process in which all viewpoints are represented.
  • Openness about assumptions, process, and data builds trust and engagement in the process.
  • When all relevant stakeholders are present at key decision points, shared learning leads to new understanding and to changes in people’s perceptions and positions.
  • Designing a shared solution in detail is the best tool for resolving conflict and achieving a shared vision.