Complete Charrette Certificate Training

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This course represents a collaborative project management system centered on the co-design process using charrettes and includes:

  • Project assessment tools for gauging the length and cost of a charrette using a project budget, political considerations and design difficulty,
  • Nuts-and-bolts tools needed for managing a multiple-day charrette,
  • Introduction to diversity, equity and inclusion and ways to make charrette processes more inclusive, and
  • Approaches for dealing with conflict.

This training combines the Core and Advanced courses into one with the addition of some new content. It will be available to the public at trainings starting April 2020.

This three-day hybrid (virtual, plus in-person) training is highly interactive and blends instruction with case study exercises, and practice techniques and tools. It will provide participants with all the content required to successfully prepare for, manage, facilitate and conduct a charrette. 

Guest instructors will provide value-add content on how to address issues related to conflict, and diversity, equity and inclusion.

This training is ideal for anyone involved in transforming communities and organizations, those charged with managing charrettes, or who may hire a consultant to conduct a charrette, including city and regional planners, public health staff, developers, architects, land and transportation planning consultants, citizen advocates, directors and project managers.

Course Format

The first part of the training will be delivered via webinar, followed by an in-person training.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about what a NCI Charrette is and understand its evolution and adaptability.
  • Recognize where the charrette lies on the public participation spectrum and key challenges a charrette can address.
  • Learn about a model for community in reach.
  • Explore ways to work effectively and authentically across differences.
  • Recognize the 10 key characteristics and three phases of the NCI Charrette process.
  • Explore the notion of cultural competency development being on a continuum.
  • Generate program and policy examples at different levels of cultural competency.
  • Practice skills, tools and techniques to prepare for and facilitate an inclusive NCI Charrette or other engagement process.
  • Recognize tools available to help a community achieve charrette readiness.
  • Know best practices for planning meetings within a charrette.
  • Practice visioning design exercises employed within charrettes.
  • Explore how guidelines can help build trust during a charrette.
  • Practice facilitation of meetings within a charrette.


No prerequisites are required.


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Continuing Education

This course is approved for continuing education by the AIA for learning units, the AICP for certification maintenance credits, and the ASLA for professional development hours.