Interstate Extension Community Development Program Delivery North Central Region

Open Call for Proposals

Interstate Extension Community Development Program Delivery
North Central Region

The North Central Regional Center for Rural Development (NCRCRD) is a federally and regionally supported entity working in close collaboration with land grant institutions in the 12-state North Central region.  The NCRCRD seeks to foster closer cross-state collaboration in Extension programs aimed at strengthening rural communities in the region.  The NCRCRD is requesting proposals for cross-state program delivery partnerships.  The proposals should:

  • Aim to replicate programs that are already tested and proven in the “sending” state. (Persons interested in developing new programs can seek funding under NCRCRD’s small grants program).
  • Deliver programs proven to generate the impacts adopted by the North Central State Program leaders group. For a list of desired impacts, see
  • Include a plan to build capacity for continued delivery of the program once after the NCRCRD funding is exhausted (e.g., splitting fees with the sending state, on-demand allocations to the sending state, or learning by doing for the receiving state, or combination thereof). 
  • Involve institutions from at least two states, with the receiving institution being in one of the twelve North Central states and the sending institution being in a North Central state or a state directly adjoining the North Central region. 

Proposals that involve staff development without program delivery in the receiving state or general conferences are discouraged under this call for proposals. 

What the NCRCRD will fund Travel of up to $5,000 for initial training and program delivery.  Travel will be reimbursed directly by NCRCRD

To submit a proposal, please send the following items:

  1. Web site or written materials describing the program in the sending state.
  2. A summary of the program impacts over the past one or two reporting cycles (see bullet 2 above for a list of approved impacts).  Programs that are unable to document the suggested impacts are discouraged. 
  3. A proposed budget (who will travel where, how many times for what purpose and approximate costs).
  4. An estimated date for the first program delivery.
  5. Name of the community in the receiving state where the first program will be delivered (e.g., St. Louis County, Minnesota; Moon Township, South Dakota).  Evidence that the target community is interested (Letter from local leader). 
  6. Short vitae (3 page maximum) for individuals involved in delivering the program (sending and receiving states). 
  7. Letter of approval (email is fine) from supervisor of individuals involved from the sending and receiving states.
  8. Sustainability plan. How will the program continue to be offered in the receiving state after NCRCRD funds are exhausted?

The Center is accepting new proposals on an ongoing basis.

Review process: Applications will be reviewed by the director with oversight from the NCRCRD Board of Directors. Decisions will be made on an ongoing basis pending funding availablity.

Questions: email NC Grants Email