Policy Briefs


Economic Impacts of at Risk Pension Funds
Steve Deller (University of Wisconsin; Steve Miller (Michigan State University) and Judith Stallmann (University of Missouri)


Intermediary Perceptions of Rural Firm Tech Adoption
Rachel Poole & John Mann (Michigan State University)


Affordable Housing Policies for Essential Service Workers In Oil Impacted Communities of Bakken Region
Felix Fernando & Anne Junod (South Dakota State University), and Lynette Flage, Jeffrey Jacquet, Gina Aalgaard Kelly, & Gary A. Goreham (North Dakota State University)

Coordinating Social Science Research Across North American Energy Development Regimes
Jeffrey B. Jacquet (South Dakota State University) and Julia H. Haggerty (Montana State University)

Community Strategies for Water Supply in the Bakken Region
Robert R. Hearne and Felix Fernando (North Dakota State University)

Producing Energy, Protecting Food: The Impact of Shale Energy Development on Food Environment in Rural Communities
Michael R. Betz and Jill Clark (The Ohio State University)

Economic, Social and Environmental Policy Challenges in the Bakken Oil Field
Aaron DeLaporte and David Ripplinger, Agribusiness and Applied Economics (North Dakota State University)

Anticipatory Preservation Planning: Protections of Rural Cultural and Physical Landscapes
Heather Fischer and Dominic Fischer (North Dakota State University)

Improving Public Engagement Around Emergent, Complex, or Contested Science and Technology Issues
Weston M Eaton, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education (The Penn State University)


Trends in North Central Latino Demographics
Craig Carpenter, Graduate Research Assistant, NCRCRD (Michigan State University)

Policy Options to Enhance Rural Development in the Upper Midwest through Immigrant Entrepreneurship
Craig Carpenter, Graduate Research Assistant, NCRCRD (Michigan State University)

Asset Building in Rural Communities: Exploring Barriers and Identifying Opportunities
Cynthia Needles Fletcher & Jeanne Warning (Iowa State University), Rosemary Heins & Patricia Olson (University of Minnesota) & Lynette Flage (North Dakota State University)


Inventory of State Job Creation and Job Retention Incentives
Timothy R. Hodge, Research Assistant