Topic area: Economic Development

Shifting Intermediaries: Tracing the Land Grant Role in Water Management in Nebraska (January 2014)
S. Gasteyer (Michigan State University) & N. Wall (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
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Poverty & Socioeconomic Distress in the North Central Region: Assessing Trends (April 2013)
L. Lobao, M. Partridge & M. Betz (The Ohio State University) & R. Goe (Kansas State University)
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Overview of USDA Rural Development Loan Program (January 2013)
M. Brodziski & J. Broussard (USDA/Rural Development)
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Rural Wealth Creation: Concepts, Strategies, and Measures (May 2012)
J. Pender, A. Marré , and R. Reeder, USDA ERS
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The Business Solutions Professional Approach: Connecting Extension to Workforce and Economic Development (April 2012)
M. Polzin and D. Winthrop (Michigan State University)
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The Economic Crisis - Is There Room for Middle Ground? (April 2012)
A. Womack (University of Missouri)
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Community Retail Analysis Techniques: Updated Approaches in the New "Downtown Market Analysis Toolbox" (March 2012)
J. Clark and G. Davis (The Ohio State University), R. Pesch and B. Schwartau (University of Minnesota) and B. Ryan (University of Wisconsin)
Recorded Presentation         PowerPoint     Downtown Market Analysis

Challenges Facing Small and Medium Sized Entrepreneurs in Emerging Cool Climate Wine Regions (February 2012)
F. Chaddad (University of Missouri), M. Gomez (Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management), and R. B. Ross (Michigan State University)
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Promoting Science-Based Innovation Business in Agriculture and Natural Resources (January 2012)
R. Griesbach and R. Wagner, USDA, Agricultural Research Service
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Best Practice Approaches in the New Economy (December 2011)
D. Ivan (Michigan State University)
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The Winners’ Choice: Sustainable Economic Strategies for Successful 21st-Century Regions (November 2011)
M. Partridge and M. Olfert (Ohio State University)
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Examining Entrepreneurial Activity in Six North American Universities (October 2011)
M. Kenney (University of California)
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Designing the New Rural Establishment Innovation Survey (September 2011)
T. Wojan, USDA Economic Research Service
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Targeting Regional Economic Development (November 2010)
S. Deller, S. Goetz, and T. Harris
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Banking Issues Among Entrepreneurs from Underserved Populations (November 2010)
T. Borich and R. Martinez
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Investing in Entrepreneurs (October 2010)
G. Lichtenstein and T. Lyons
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Green Policies, Climate Change, and New Jobs:  Separating Fact from Fiction (October 2010)
M. Partridge
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