Topic Area: Sustainable Communities

The Role of Wholesale Grocers in Rural Food Distribution - Implications for Robust Local Food Systems (March 2014)
K. Draeger, University of Minnesota
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The Introduction and Development of the Community-Flow Measurement Instrument (October 2013)
R. Cantrell & A. (University of Florida)
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Recreational Homes, Gateway Communities, and Rural Development (March 2013)
D. Marcouiller (University of Wisconsin-Madison), M. Skidmore (Michigan State University), R. Winkler (Michigan Technological University)
Recreational Homes & Planning in Gateway Communities: A Literature Review
A Triple Bottom Line
Recreational Homes and Migration to Remote Amenity-Rich Areas
Recreation homes, amenities & destination regions
Demographics of recreation housing
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Food Systems Indicators Profiles (February 2013)
L. Brown (University of Wisconsin-Madison) & A. Haines (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point)
NC Region County Food Systems Profiles Portal
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Asset Building in Rural Communities: Exploring Barriers and Identifying Opportunities (December 2012)
C. Needles Fletcher & J. Warning (Iowa State University), R. Heins & P. Olson (University of Minnesota)
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Best Practices in Small Town Business Incubation (November 2012)
Randall Jackson & Peter Schaeffer (West Virginia University)
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Incorporating Interactive Web Techniques with Public Engagement and Community Decision Making (November 2012)
C. Seeger, D. Otto & D. Van Wyngarden (Iowa State University), T. Gallion, M. Simon Leuci and S. H. Massengale (University of Missouri)
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Trends in US Farmland Values and Ownership (October 2012)
J. Ifft and T. Kuethe (USDA/Economic Research Service)
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Studying Food System Approaches in Three Types of Rural Communities (February 2012)
M. Hendrickson, University of Missouri Extension and R. Cantrell, University of Nebraska
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Place-based Income Inequality Clusters in the Rural North Central Region, 1979-2009 (November 2011)
D. Peters, Iowa State University
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The Crow Men’s Health Project: A collaborative research initiative between the Crow Indian Reservation and Montana State University (October 2011)
P. Lachapelle, Montana State University
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View video - Crow Men’s Health  by MACDEP

Green Policies, Climate Change, and New Jobs:  Separating Fact from Fiction (October 2010)
M. Partridge
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Creating a Digital Meeting Place to Foster Rural Design (March 2011)
T. Kinney
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Higher Education Community Engagement in Rural Areas (February 2011)
R. Stoecker
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Learned Approaches to Successful Community Change (Februrary 2011)
D. Ivan, N. Walzer, M. Peterson, P. Lachapelle, and M. Emery
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Great Lakes Land Grant Institutions Tribal Water Resources Summit: Outcomes and Next Steps (January 2011)
M. Cook, B. Mitchell, P. Robinson, and B. White
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Collaborative Development for Connecting Farms and Community (January 2011)
R. Bloom, C. Francis, M. Gustafson, and S. Moncure
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Ecosystem Services - The Significance of Contributions by Invasive Plant Species (January 2011)
S. Young
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